Google Fibre Remote Volume Not Working -How To Solve?

The most common causes of a malfunctioning Google Fiber remote volume are a charging problem or a temporary glitch. We will assist you in determining the cause and finding a home-based solution, even if it is a more serious problem. Replace the batteries in the remote and discharge it if your Google Fiber remote ever has trouble controlling the volume. Then check to make sure the remote’s hardware is in good condition and that nothing is blocking the remote’s signal, such as a solid object. Google Fibre Remote Volume Not Working, let’s find out more on this topic.

Google Fibre Remote Volume Not Working

Let’s look at a few more ideas as sometimes the problem is not with the remote.

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Why Doesn’t The Google Fiber Remote Work For Power And Volume?

Your Google fibre remote is likely to have a more serious problem if neither the power button nor the volume button works. The likelihood of two or more individual buttons malfunctioning is quite low, thus we advise treating the problem with solutions that cover the full remote.

Read The Most Often Reported Causes

  1. Hardware problem

Your remote control may cease functioning correctly and develop other strange behaviours due to a hardware problem.

  1. Battery issues

If your remote control’s batteries are dead, several of its buttons and basic operations might not operate as intended.

  1. Interference

Interference prevents your remote from connecting with the TV and changing the volume settings.

  1. Programming issues

The transmission between the devices could be messed up if the remote wasn’t properly configured.

  1. TV problem 

Finally, you might not be able to change the TV’s sound settings or switch it on and off due to a hardware issue.

Let’s move on to the greatest remedies for the Google fibre remote problem now that all of these factors have been discussed.

Adjusting The Google Fiber Remote’s Non-Working Volume?

If the problem has been resolved, it is likely a transient problem that may be fixed by upgrading the TV’s firmware to the most recent version. If you’re still having trouble turning your TV on and off and controlling the volume.

These are the best options to try:

  1. Discharge the remote

Dispose of your Google fibre remote, which is the first and simplest technique to use. This will fully discharge the battery in your remote control and eliminate any glitches or issues in the timing that prohibit you from altering the sound levels.

To reset your Google Fibre remote, follow these steps:

  • Remove the batteries by opening the battery compartment.
  • Push and hold each remote control button for at least three seconds.
  • Replace the batteries!
  • Test after restarting your TV.
  1. Alter the television’s source

If your television’s volume controls are locked, you might have chosen the source of a third-party device. To check the volume buttons on your Google fibre remote, you must first choose a default source. Using the buttons on the back of your television or the source button on your Google Fiber remote control will let you change the TV’s source. Choose the default TV source after you’ve visited the menu, then try changing the TV volume using the buttons.

  1. Set up the sound settings

It’s conceivable that you chose a different sound source or accidentally left the TV on mute. As a result, you will be instantly prevented from adjusting the power settings until the TV has been unmuted by clicking the mute button once more. To check if the TV is working properly or if you’ve misconfigured the sound settings, we advise using the default output sound device. After selecting the default sound output from the menu, repeatedly press the VOL +/VOL – buttons to test the volume controls.

  1. Reset the remote

The wrong programming of your Google remote is another factor that can be interfering with a few of the buttons. This frequently happens as a consequence of a factory reset or other issues that affect the data on your TV.

To reprogramme your Google Fiber remote, follow these simple instructions:

  • Use the Google Fiber remote control to turn on your TV.
  • Point your Google Fiber remote at the TV and simultaneously press the power and OK buttons.
  • Type the TV code—which varies depending on the unit—into the box.
  • After three seconds of inactivity, hold the Search button. 
  • Watch your TV till it turns on and then off.
  • Let go of the search button.
  1. Eliminate interference

It’s conceivable that there is some sort of interference between the Google remote and the TV if the Google fibre remote’s volume isn’t working.

If so, the following advice can help to lessen or eliminate any potential interference:

  • Clear a path between your remote control and the TV.
  • Remove any RF receivers that are close to your TV.
  • Your TV’s linked gadgets should all be disconnected.
  • Ensure that no other device is communicating with your remote.

When you’re ready, experiment with changing your TV’s power settings. Try the following remedy if you’re still unable to accomplish it.


Replace the remote’s batteries, power-refresh it, and hard-reset the TV to solve a Google Fiber remote that won’t control the volume. After clearing up any interference, program each non-working button on your original remote using IR learning if nothing else works. With this knowledge, you should be able to implement some of our simple and effective methods to resolve the problem of Google Fiber Remote Volume Not Working.

Google Fibre Remote Volume Not Working -How To Solve?

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