Does Stanley Steemer Clean Travertine Floors?

Travertine is a stone that has a property that, unlike many other stones,  makes it naturally non-slippery. This property makes it an excellent stone to use in places that need to be slip resistant, like floors, bathroom tiles, and pools. Although there are many benefits of having Travertine flooring, there is a big drawback. Tiles made from travertine, are very porous and can soak in spills. This means they need to be cleaned often and thoroughly. Here we will see about Does Stanley Steemer Clean Travertine Floors?

Stanley Steemer offers the service to clean Travertine floors. They have made their mark in the cleaning industry and are famous for their services. Although their services are usually associated with carpet cleaning, they also have a track record of doing other services like floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, and dirt-proofing. The workers at the company are given specialized training and can identify different types of flooring. This helps them shortlist the viable cleaning tools they can use for specific floors to ensure they do not cause any harm.

Does Stanley Steamer Clean Travertine Floors?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Travertine Floors?


When Stanley Steemer employees are given the task of cleaning floors, they first check the type of material the flooring is made of. This enables them to rule out cleaning agents that could cause harm to the flooring. For example, highly acidic cleaning agents could cause the erosion of stone flooring, especially limestone. Stanley Steemer uses PH-neutral floor cleaners that do not cause harm to the flooring and are overall gentle. This is necessary for Travertine floors as they are often sensitive and easy to damage.

Stanley Steemer uses a high-powered high pressurized rotary Wand to break apart and extract dirt particles from the flooring. This process helps ensure the longevity and beauty of the precious stone. The company requires homeowners to remove their valuable items and any pets from near the flooring before they start their work. First, the workers remove most of the furniture carefully out of the way. Next, they mark out the areas that need expert cleaning and tell the homeowners about their course of action. After this, the technicians use various methods to extract the dirt and grime from the flooring. These methods include pressurized water pumping, hot water extraction processes, and more. The methods used are powerful and effective in moving grime and embedded dirt however, they are safe to use on stone and do not damage it.

After the primary cleaning process, the officials of the company provide various other services to further protect the floor from damage. These services include:


Sealants are a layer that is applied on top of the flooring to prevent permanent stains from forming in the future. It forms a barrier between the floor and the environment and stops stains from penetrating the pores of the Travertine. There are two kinds of sealants. One is transparent and displays the original color of the Travertine. The other is colored and is used to give the flooring a uniform color. This colored sealant is used when the flooring has a permanent stain that can not be removed by cleaning. This can happen when substances get embedded in the pores of the Travertine.

Floor Deodorizer

Floor Deodorizers are another service offered by Stanley Steamers. They help get rid of bad smells and leave your floor with a customizable fragrance.

They also provide floor maintenance coats.

After completing the cleaning and other optional services, the company returns the furniture to the places where they were previously kept. After this, they do one last inspection of the place to ensure that it is completely clean. The technicians also tell the homeowners about the time it takes for the cleaning process to dry out. This time can vary depending on the services that you hired. For sealants, you should wait 30 minutes after the application to allow it time to dry. You should also ensure that the sealant applied floor does not come in contact with water or any other liquid for 24 hours.


You can get a quotation of an estimate of the price that you might have to pay to get your Travetine floor cleaned. There are also sample prices available that can give you an idea about the cost of getting Travertine tiles cleaner. Cleaning tiles in one room should cost around $99. The price for cleaning a staircase is also $99. To book extra services like applying sealant, the cost is an additional $50. You are not required to tip the workers however it is appreciated if you do.


To conclude, Stanley Steamer offers t clean Travertine floors using efficient machinery to eradicate the dirt and grime present on the floor. They also offer additional services to prevent the flooring from getting dirty or permanently stained in the future.


Q)Is getting Travertine flooring a good idea?

A)Travertine flooring is slip-resistant due to some of its natural properties. This makes it a viable option, especially in a slippery place like the bathroom. It is not that expensive averaging at around $15 per square foot. For comparison, granite flooring costs $21 per square foot, and marble costs $20 for the same area. However, the porous nature of the stone makes it susceptible to stains.

Q)How much time does it take to clean a stone floor?

A)It should take between 1 hour and 30 minutes to clean a room spanning over an area of 300 square feet. However, factors like the tile size, grout lines, and services hired can change the required time. Appling Sealants can be time-consuming.

Q)How often should stone flooring be cleaned?

A)Professional cleaning can be sufficient for 6 months to a year depending on the number of times it is stepped upon and the condition with which it is used. If you tread on the tiles frequently with dirty shoes then you may need to hire services quicker.

 Does Stanley Steemer Clean Travertine Floors?

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