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Bob Cut Shop welcomes Bay Area brands to reach Bob Cut’s highly engaged, millennial audience. Bob Cut Shop is looking for brands with unique products and stories.



Who are we?

Bob Cut Mag is a publication grounded in the unique and ever-evolving culture of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our narrative of San Francisco is as varied as our locals themselves. We seek out the best of our area, from the long-established, well loved pillars of the city to the burgeoning fresh faces in art, cuisine, outdoor living, local color, and more.

We think it’s possible to build a great wardrobe from a handful of beautifully made essentials that will last for years. This is reflected in the styling stories we put together, our tightly curated fashion shop. We aim to deliver small capsules of garments, activewear, accessories, and home every month and a half.

The shop also helps curate artists and makers we love—check back often to see who we’re featuring in the shop.



Tell Your Story

Leverage Bob Cut’s editorial digital and print magazine to connect with our readers and customers in a whole new way. We highlight, produce, and execute editorial strategies around your brand and product.

Your brand and product get put in front of the eyes of 300,000 readers across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.






Meet The Shopper

Reach Bob Cut’s loyal, highly engaged Millennial audience—60%+ are ages 22 to 36 and 30% of our revenue comes from repeat customers.

Bob Cut’s shoppers are 75% women and 25% men heavily shopping in our clothing and homewares categories (Feb. 2021).


What We’re Looking For

  • A unique brand story and high quality products 

  • Ability to meet Bob Cut’s SLAs

  • Willingness to offer a 30 day return policy

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