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Getting Laid Off From Your Job Isn’t The End Of Your World, It Isn’t The End At All

Even in uncertain and often, swift, changes—there is an odd hope that emerges. One year ago, this month, I was laid off from a tech job. It’s not a story untold, but as a creative living, thriving, and sustaining oneself in the Bay Area—rent prices speak higher than happiness. Lets dive in. Just shy of […]

Bro, It’s a Problem: Silicon Valley is Under Sexist Fire

When Vanity Fair published an excerpt from the upcoming exposé of a book, “Brotopia,” a harem of strange and disturbing allegations responded in kind. Author of the aforementioned book, Emily Chang has vividly painted a picture of the Silicon Valley that may be quite contrastive to the image the majority of we San Franciscans accept […]

Water Taxi’s May Come To San Francisco Soon

Sea Bubble could innovate travel in the bay. We feel it, the future is now and the future seemingly can be seen in the water? Sea Bubbles, a french sea transportation company has one simple mission: to build the first battery-powered bubble-shaped ships that hover a few inches above the water and transport as many […]

Adobe Invents The Photoshop for Voices — Project Voco

And yes, it’s as scary as you think. We are now coming to a point where anything you say, can and will be manipulated in a court of law, home, privacy, or security. Anything you might say, will be said regardless if you said it or not. Having trouble keeping up? That’s how complicated it […]

Chef David Chang Of Momofuku Has Tapped Into The Power Of Silicon Valley

And he’s hungry to keep his legacy and power of food moving forward. He has more than a dozen restaurants, nine dessert bars, two cocktail bars, a prepared food business, and a food magazine and publishing company to his name. What else could he want? Now he’s got $7 million dollars for his new food […]

VotePlz Is Encouraging Millennials To Vote By Printing Their Forms And Sending Them Stamps

Let’s be real — if you haven’t registered, what are you doing? You got to thank this startup huh? Listen, we get it. People age 22 – 35 just don’t want to get their asses down to a local voting house and fill in a couple opinion boxes. We hear you, tough stuff. Enter VotePlz, […]

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