Getting Laid Off From Your Job Isn’t The End Of Your World, It Isn’t The End At All

Even in uncertain and often, swift, changes—there is an odd hope that emerges. One year ago, this month, I was laid off from a tech job. It’s not a story untold, but as a creative living, thriving, and sustaining oneself in the Bay Area—rent prices speak higher than happiness. Lets dive in. Just shy of […]

The Garden of E-Waste is a Chilling Testament to 21st Century Innovation

We love our tech, it’s never not with us in some capacity. Whether it’s attached to the hip, your wrist, or even in your ear. For artist Jean Shin, commissioned by the Asian Art Museum, her solo exhibition reassesses the role obsolete technology can play in our desire to find meaningful connections—both with the natural […]

Robots Will Start The Takeover of Humanity This Week, Watch Out!

Well, not really a takeover BUT yes, you will start to see more of these food delivery bots prowling the streets.  San Francisco banned delivery robots from most city streets in December, but included some exceptions for testing autonomous courier bots in limited areas. On Tuesday however, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 to […]

What is VERO and Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Train?

While scrolling through the nation’s number one app, Instagram, I began to stumble upon updates that read, “follow me on Vero.” And to my question, what is Vero and why should I be downloading it? Essentially, the ad-free app lets users share photos, add links, and recommend books, movies and TV shows to friends. Everyone […]

Instagram Launches Face Filters For Insta Story: The Drama Thickens

Example of Instagram’s face filters, photo courtesy of Instagram. Oh man, Instagram keeps getting shadier.  It would seem the culprit app, Instagram, has yet again taken the interface of Snapchat’s revolutionary face filters. “Whether you’re sitting on the couch at home or you’re out and about, you can use face filters to express yourself and have […]

The Power Of Science And Fashion: Superego Suits Emerges

Photography by Elena Dorfman The melding of fashion and technology has evolved into a leading trend. From bracelets that monitor fitness levels, to smart textiles and Snapchat glasses, wearables have quickly become a way to streamline life. Experimental philosopher, writer, and artist Jonathon Keats, based in both San Francisco and Northern Italy (and represented by […]

Robot Baristas Are The Future At The Metreon

Amy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle As Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama would say, “I’m an expert on humans, not robits,” but really, we’re really excited from them. Made to make the perfect espresso every time, The Metreon got it’s newest kiosk and much to the surprise of movie go-ers, not a single person was there […]

Airbnb Enters The Restaurant Investor Game With Resy But Is It Needed?

Photo via Getty Images Dropping some serious coin on the next endeavor, Airbnb has become the leading investor in restaurant reservation app, Resy—it’s worth $13 million in funding, meaning that Airbnb is the lead investor in Resy’s current funding round. The aim for Airbnb is to become the leading app on all aspects lifestyle. From […]

Fund This Kickstarter: Fravel Is The Perfect Companion For Travel

Photo via Fravel Who says tech can’t be super cute? For founder Aili Jian, this absolutely adorable luggage should be accessible to all girls who want to sport their cutesy style. “For us girls, can’t it just be simple, cute and really cute?” Aili tells us, “we wanted to make something that could reach into […]

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