Month: March 2018

Puppies and Parties Galore—Your Weekend Guide is Chock Full Of Them

It’s the last weekend in March! Or Easter weekend, depending on how you look at it. Sunday we’ll all wake up with the option to play a string of practical jokes or hunt down some Cadburys. But in case you like options, here are some lovely spring alternative ideas for the weekend ahead. Give a […]

What the Eff Is In My Latte? A Discussion On Various Milks

Coffee used to be something we could depend on. It was straightforward, untouched. You liked it black or you liked it with milk. Then, almost without any of us fully noticing, milk- and therefore coffee—changed on us. We now have to choose amongst almond, cashew, hemp, and oat to name but a few. And then […]

Goodbye, Bobby: SFMoMA’s Latest Exhibit Speaks to Past and Present

This weekend, San Francisco joined the good fight, marching the streets for stricter gun control laws across the nation. How appropriate then it seems, that just blocks away at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, their newest exhibition pays homage to another American hero who, unjustly so, lost his life at the hands of […]

This Mystery Black And White Photo Was Uncovered—We Finally Know What It Is

After nearly two years of wondering and researching this mysterious promo photo from BART, playwrights have uncovered it’s origins. Pegged to be a horror film still taken from within the BART station on Mission Street, the Library of Congress have finally uncovered its origins. Michael Sullivan, resident playwright for the city’s venerable political theater company the […]

Off The Menu: Portuguese Feasting—Piri Pica Will Open in the Mission This Spring

San Francisco’s Mission District is bursting with flavorful favorites such as Spanish tapas, Mexican tamales and Salvadorian pupusas. Still, the newness of a coming Spring calls for novel and colorful pallet treats, and what better way to fulfill that desire than with Portuguese cuisine? Chef Telmo Faria launched Portuguese restaurant Uma Casa early last year […]

Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor

We all make mistakes but some are funnier than others. This little mess (found on Hoodline) was an Uber story that got more of a comedic laugh than a citation but still sub-came to somewhat malicious commenters. On the corner of Church and Market near the Safeway stairs, an Uber driver who said, “to be […]

Hugs, Not Guns: The Best IGs From This Weekend’s #MarchForOurLives Rally in San Francisco

“White men can be terrorists, too.” #marchforourlives #marchforourlivessf San Francisco The streets around city hall were electric with well-executed rage Saturday. Teens were up in arms, babies dawned progressive bibs; dogs walked with their equally woke owners, wearing legislatively suggestive outerwear. Millions—yes, millions—from virtually every corner of the world came to together in coordinated opposition […]

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