Month: January 2019

Is Skincare Our Actual Holy Grail?

There’s a euphoric feeling that comes along when first opening a skincare product you’ve been lusting after. The whipped deliciousness of that untouched facial cream is orgasmic. If you’re anything like myself, you spend a shameful amount of time endlessly scrolling through product reviews, reading every Into the Gloss top shelf and diving deep into […]

Painter and Printmaker Mary Finlayson Gives Us A Tour Of Her “Interiors”

Filled with colors, dimension, and a bit of wonder—San Francisco based illustrator and printmaker, Mary Finlayson explores the concept of being inside beautifully. With a gravitas of pop art influences and Spanish printmaking styles, Finlayson investigates the stories that interiors contain, how they are composed and how they reflect our histories.Her background as an artist […]

New Tricks: A Bar Menu Worth Flipping For

Two weeks ago, I visited Trick Dog, a bar in the Mission District in San Francisco. Although it wasn’t my neck of the woods, my friend informed me of their new menu and theme and I was automatically stoked. The special thing about Trick Dog is that they change their menu every 6 months. “We […]

Soap Box Talk: The National Park Service (NPS) is the Unspoken Casualty of our Current Government Shutdown

Campgrounds are rotting; there’s literal shit spewing from yet-repaired toilets; three people, thus far, have died. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the current, un-backed (and unfunded) National Parks System. Unless you’ve been under a proverbial rock—and a fucking heavy one, at that—you should be wildly aware of the current state of our government. Which, essentially, […]

She’s Coming 2020: Oaklandite Kamala Harris Announces Her Race For Presidency

As more women enter the 2020 race, another prospect has entered the ring—Oakland’s own Kamala Harris. Born in Oakland and served as the district attorney of San Francisco from 2004 until 2010—Harris has thrown in her name for the seated position of President of the United States of America 2020. To those who found out, […]

Sorry Alamo, We’re Digging The New Parkway Theater

For our Oaklandites, the New Parkway Theater isn’t just some “buy a ticket and watch a movie” joint — it’s a gathering space where the most riveting movies, documentaries, and local works come together under one cinematic umbrella. The first theater closed in 2009, film-goers were, to say the least, distraught. The low cost movies […]

The Founder’s Letter: Bob Cut Turns 4 Today

As WebMD states, “Your child is growing up. Have you noticed that your 4- to 5-year-old is becoming more independent and self-confident? If not, you will in the coming year.” Truer words have never been spoken. Welcome to year four of Bob Cut Mag. Quite honestly, it feels like just yesterday we were on set […]

Wine Your Heart Out: 10 Bay Area Haunts We’re Sipping

Gone are the days of the dark, murky wine bar with stale bread chips and music you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to anywhere else. Say goodbye to the vineyards you were too intimidated to visit. Start welcoming the labels that care about good drinking just as much as they care about good karma with […]

Masako Miki on Folklore, Mindfulness, and her Solo Show “Shapeshifters”

The stories we’re told about beasts, mythical creatures, and nightmares are just that—folklore. For sculpture artist Masako Miki, such things are manifested in everyday life. It is a play on creatures we’ve been told about again and again—the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, The Boogey Man. In Miki’s eyes, In Shinto mythology, yōkai are animated characters […]

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