Big Little Sur: A Snapshot of Things To Do In The Evergreen

Big Little Lies fans rejoice—that sweeping bridge, the push and pull of waves, and fog-cloaked greenery you’ve come to know and love is back.

And while we’re excited to watch the drama unfold (and make us forget about those #sundayscaries), we’re really mesmerized by the opening credits and otherworldly place better known as Big Sur. Luckily for us in the Bay, it’s just a 3-hour drive along the coast until you’re on the Bixby Bridge. And while we could go on (and on) about all or favorite things, we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of must-sees & must-dos. Keep scrolling for the few gems we’ve come to know and love.

Photo courtesy of Deetjens.Photo courtesy of Deetjens.

Photo courtesy of Deetjens.

Hit the hay — Deetjen’s

This isn’t Renata’s sprawling mansion or your grandparent’s cabin. Beloved for its unique, sundrenched rooms and feels-like-home aura, Deetjen’s was founded in 1930 by Helmuth and Helen Deetjen with a touch of European charm and rustic living. Now 90 years later, Deetjen’s is on the National Register of Historic Places and booked at least 6 months in advance (!!!). And why wouldn’t it be? Bordering the edge of a towering redwood forest and equipped with its very own waterfall, it’s hard not to marvel at the beauty of the surroundings and inn itself. // 48865 CA-1, Big Sur;

Photo via the California State Park AssociationPhoto via the California State Park Association

Photo via the California State Park Association

Breath of fresh air—Andrew Molera State Park

Okay, technically just being in Big Sur is a breath of fresh air. But, if you’re looking to be one with nature sans the tents and the sleeping bags, we suggest getting to know Andrew Molera State Park’s trails. With over 10 to choose from, these trails bring you across the river, along the cliff of crashing waves, along beachy dunes, and into lush greenery and blooming flowers. And it’s no walk in the park — expect around 2,000 feet of elevation change AND a burn you’ll feel the next day. // 45500 CA-1, Big Sur

Photo courtesy of NepenthePhoto courtesy of Nepenthe

Photo courtesy of Nepenthe

Dinner with a view—Nepenthe

It’s on everyone’s bucket list for a reason — this cliff-topping spot features views down the coast only a California Condor could see. Paired with mouthwatering eats (the famous Ambrosia burger is truly godsent) and a divine wine list, Nepenthe feels luxurious yet uncomplicated at the same time. The open-air, spacious architecture plays perfectly within the serene landscape thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé. Add in Lolly and Bob Fassett’s vision of a delicious eatery to the mix and you’ve got a place for the ages. // 48510 CA-1, Big Sur;

// Feature photo by James Donovan.

Big Little Sur: A Snapshot of Things To Do In The Evergreen
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