Can you freeze Hawaiian Rolls?


CAN YOU FREEZE HAWAIIAN ROLLS? Yes! The best part is, if you do it well, your rolls can keep for weeks and even months

Hawaiian rolls are one word. Scrumptious. That soft, slightly sweet goodness melting in your mouth is worth every penny you spent on it. And whether they’re store-bought or freshly baked, it hurts when they become stale, and you have to toss them out. But boy, have we got good news for you.  You can totally freeze your Hawaiian rolls! The best part is, if you do it well, your rolls can keep for weeks and even months.

And they said it couldn’t be done.

But here we are, bringing the best hacks to you. Always. 

So, in this article, we’re going to share our secret Hawaiian roll freezing technique, and that’s not all. We’re also going to show you how to unfreeze your rolls afterward, so they don’t end up soggy and icky. We’re sharing other juicy tips too. Don’t go anywhere.

How to Freeze Hawaiian Rolls

Like we said earlier, well-frozen rolls can keep for a long time. But, you have to be very careful when freezing or reheating your buns. 

Speaking of which, did you know that Hawaiian rolls came from Portugal? I know, right! It’s just like French fries and the fact that they don’t originate from France.

Hawaiian rolls are like regular bread. The only difference is that they’re fluffier, chewy, and are usually infused with a little pineapple juice to get that slightly tangy tropical taste. There’s nothing that screams Hawaii more than pineapples.

Sometimes, they’re glazed with honey and butter. Hawaiian rolls can be used to make sliders for parties, eaten as dinner rolls, or just as snacks. 

You can get them at shops near you or even bake up a batch at home. Store-bought rolls generally last longer than baked ones. They can keep for a little over a week if you store them properly, while homemade Hawaiian rolls can stay for 3-4 days. After that, you’ll have to throw them out!

But we don’t want that, do we? Okay, now to the chilly part.

We present…

Our step-by-step guide to freezing your Hawaiian rolls perfectly:

  1. First of all, you have to check your rolls thoroughly, especially if you got them from the store. Bad rolls will spoil or taste stale and weird, no matter how well you freeze them. So, if your bread tastes and smells funny, your best bet would be to dispose of it.
  2. Once you’re sure your buns are alright, let them cool. Your rolls have to achieve room temperature before you can even think of putting them in the fridge or freezer. This step is crucial if you make your Hawaiian rolls yourself. Store-bought rolls may not require this, but to be sure, let it stand for a while.
  3. Next, lay down a sheet or sheets of aluminum foil. You’re going to wrap the rolls in the foil. You can cover the whole thing in one large sheet, individually or in bunches. We recommend that you share your Hawaiian rolls in groups that you can finish once they’ve been defrosted. Why? Constantly freezing and unfreezing your rolls would expose it to frost and freezer burn, making your bread stale, flavorless, or too squishy.

We want it fresh and soft.

  1. Are your rolls all snuggled up in their aluminum cozy? Good. Now, get a couple of freezer bags, or one, depending on how many groups you split your rolls. Or if you have a freezer-safe storage container, use that. Put your wrapped Hawaiian rolls into the container or bag and seal it. Make sure it’s airtight!
  2. You can now place your rolls in the fridge or freezer. Fridge storage will last for 3 weeks or so, while storing in a freezer can keep your rolls for more than a month. We recommend using your rolls not later than 2 months after storage; else, their quality might be compromised.

And that’s how you freeze Hawaiian rolls.

Well, freezing is one part, unfreezing is another. Imagine going through all this trouble and losing your whole batch of Hawaiian rolls because of a defrosting accident. We don’t want that to happen. And that’s why, as a bonus, we’re giving you a defrosting hack.

Steps on how to thaw your Hawaiian rolls

Thawing out your rolls is quite simple. You can either wait for it to thaw or use an oven. Let’s show you how.

  1. Thawing naturally: You’d have to do this a day before you use your Hawaiian rolls. Remove your wrapped rolls from the freezer bag or container. Loosen the aluminum foil. Then let the rolls thaw at room temperature. 

You can heat your fully thawed rolls in a 300°F oven, for 10 minutes, before serving them up.

  1. Oven heating: If you don’t have time and need the rolls ASAP, you can heat them immediately you take them out of the freezer. Remember, the oven has to be pre-heated (300°F) before you put in your rolls. Please do not take the rolls out of their foil package. Only loosen the packaging a little. Bake for a few minutes (usually up to 20 minutes) until your rolls are hot all over.

Then serve. 

We’ve also got another bonus for you. Chef-picked ideas for your Hawaiian roll sliders! Isn’t that great? Here are a few ways you can serve up your delicious warmed rolls:

  • Pulled pork BBQ sandwich slider, or go vegan with a veggie burger
  • Tuna, shrimp or chicken salad rolls
  • Mini lamb or chipotle burgers
  • Ham and cheese sliders

And that’s that. So, anytime you find yourself wondering how you’ll store all those rolls, do not fear! Our freeze guide is here! And don’t worry, your rolls would taste like oven-baked beauties. 

But if you notice any discoloration, weird taste, or smells, please toss it out. 

Remember, only divide your rolls into bunches that you can finish at a go. Because, asides from the perils of freezer burn, bacteria, and frost, you’ll have to deal with the yeast losing its power. Meaning, your savory snack may turn into small, dense lumps of bread. 

We hope we’ve helped you!

If you’ve got any foodie questions or want to share your favorite recipe with us, don’t hesitate to reach us. Happy freezing!

Can you freeze Hawaiian Rolls?

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