Flat Things- Things that are flat

Flat things

Flat Things; Stamp, Tissue paper, Credit card, Pamphlet, Yoga mat, Name Tag and Price Tag, Blackboard, Tennis court, and more

A horizontal level defines flat even or without unevenness of surface as something flat. Here are some of the different items with as many as a dull context:

Things that are flat


A Stamp is a piece of paper with a picture or pattern which you can stick on an envelope or package before it is posted so that the cost of the sending has been paid. 

Tissue paper 

Tissue paper is a light crepe paper or lightweight paper made from either Virgin or recycled paper pulp. The difference between tissue paper and paper napkins is that tissue paper is used to wipe the nose or eyes while the latter is used to wipe your mouth and hands while eating, and both are disposable products. Tissue paper products play a significant role in modern life, and they contribute to improving our comfort, hygiene in our society. They are highly engineered to provide ultra-softness and absorb all the time. It is used as facial tissue, hygienic tissue, paper towels, wrapping tissue, Toilet paper, and Table napkins made of tissue paper. 

Credit card 

It is a thin rectangular flat piece that is either made of plastic or metal issued by the bank or financial services company that allows cardholders to borrow funds to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment. Mastercard is a thin flat plastic, machine-readable card with which cardholder purchases or obtains a loan at an ATM used to buy goods and services is an example of a credit card. There are three types of credit card accounts such as MasterCard or Visa cards issued by banks, travel/entertainment cards, or charge cards, such as American Express, or diver’s club, priority cards such as bays and sears. 


The pamphlet is a small brochure containing information about a subject is a type of advertising or informational material. It consists of single-sheet paper printed on both sides and folded into half’s or fourths called leaflets. It may also be folded into half and a saddle stapled at the crease to make a simple book. Blaise Pascal, a few provinciales, created a pamphlet to raise the form to a level of literature that gained popularity during the political and religious controversies of the 17th century. 

During the printing period Pamphlets were widely used in England, French, Germany. Martin Luther King was one of the earliest effective pamphleteers. 

Yoga mat

Yoga mats are thin forms or exercise mats with a 1-inch thickness. It is essential to have a non-silicon surface for yoga mats as they will not move around. Yoga mats are necessary for people who do yoga or teach a ga class. It holds firm to the surface due to its anti-slipping nature, which provides insulation between the human body and the ground. Yoga mats come with different types, materials, thickness, durable and non-durable, slippery and non-slippery, which can suit your lifestyle. The kind of materials in yoga mats comes with Natural tree rubber, microfiber, Cork, cotton, PVC. The yoga mat types include the yoga mat you use at home, the travel mat, and the yoga towel, while the yoga towel is not a mat but a towel used to put it on the yoga mat. 

Name Tag and Price Tag

A name tag identifies one’s name or address attached to an article of clothing or worn around the neck or wrist. By wearing a name tag, one can determine if the particular person is new to the company or event as it will help in recognition of knowing each other better. The owners usually own name tags for their company employees or other sales-related services to allow customers to know them better for interaction. Some of the benefits of the Name Tag include that it will help identify in providing security, marketing, and other staff in the retail business. 

The price tag is a piece of paper attached to the particular product or the amount it costs. Sometimes it may be a sticker or bound by a twist tie. It is commonly used for businesses to price products as it helps customers to purchase the product. These price tags help a customer know about the insights and are likely to buy the product rather than wait for a shop owner to verify the detail. Price tags are mostly used by independent retail stores and premises such as jewelry shops, craft shops, home and garden stores, electrical retailers, budget stores. These are some of the few examples of using the tag to price them. 


A blackboard is a smooth flat surface with thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone used as a reusable writing surface to teach or draw stickers. A Blackboard is painted with matte dark black paint or dark green plastic sign material. Different versions are coming in Blackboard, but modern variations with the highest quality grade are made up of rougher porcelain enameled steel, which comes in black, green, and sometimes blue color is very hard-wearing. It can stay up to 10-20 years of intensive use. 

Tennis court 

A rectangular firm surface with a low net stretched across the center is a venue where a tennis sport is played with double or singles matches. There are different tennis courts such as Grass court, Clay court, Hard courts, and carpet courts. Tennis can be played among various surfaces depending upon the materials used on the surface, as a wrong surface court can affect the playing style of the game. Grass court compared to clay court has the fas st body as it tends to be slippery, which allows the ball to generate, and softness in the grass helps keep the close ball pace to the ground. Hard courts are all-around courts that have lower energy absorption than the clay court as in the hardcourt, the ball will bounce higher than the average level and move faster, which makes it ideal for the tennis players. 

Flat Things- Things that are flat

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