Things that are Fluffy- A Clear definition

Things that are Fluffy

Things that are Fluffy; teddy bears or our beloved pets instantly come in front of our eyes. Teddy bears and soft toys are highly adorable.

Someone has rightly said, “In a world full of girls wanting to be a princess, be a panda- lazy, fluffy, and a sleepy panda.” 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “fluffy”? A big white teddy bear or a big fur shawl that is your savior when the temperature is shallow or a pillow that feels so soft and relaxing when you keep your head on it? Who does not love to feel and play with such things? I have noticed that whenever we see something fluffy, there is unstoppable energy that arises within us. That energy or urge leads us to touch and feel that fluffy thing. Such things make you happy from within. 

I went around asking people about what they think of “things that are fluffy.” One said, “I feel like cuddling with fluffy things,” the other said, “LOL! I am not a fluff maniac”, some said, “I feel like sleeping with a fluffy pillow under my head when I return home from work” and much more. When I thought about “things that are fluffy,” you won’t believe what the first thing that came to mind was. Well, it was “ME,” my body. Surprised? I often tend to do and think of surprising things. 

Now you must be wondering why I thought of myself while thinking of fluffy things. It’s simple- I have a natural body. I am naturally flabby and fluffy, and that makes me “ME.” We often make our insecurities bigger than anything else. Flabby and fluffy bodies are absolutely normal. When a polar bear is not afraid and insecure about being furry and fluffy, why can’t we, the human beings, normalize fluffy and flabby bodies? We all love to feel and touch colorful fluffy things. I absolutely love hugging myself and cuddling with my own self when I am at my lowest. 

Your fluffy tummy cannot describe your worth

Instead, think of it this way- your best friend can sleep on your tummy when he needs you the most, or you can be the person who gives out amazing warm and free hugs. It is all about changing perspectives as it ultimately changes your life. It will add softness and a lot of fluffiness to your life. Imagine a fluffy life; it gets a big smile on my face. 

Keeping aside what I think of fluffy things, let’s come to what a friend thought about such things. Well, for him, fluffy things are adorable (I couldn’t disagree), and he could eat them all if it were possible. My question reminded him of his favorite teddy bear. He also got reminded of his fur baby- his dog, Zuzu. And that left me with several thoughts.

Fluffy means light, soft and airy like kindness, comfort, and something which soothes you emotionally and physically. Whenever that word comes to our mind, teddy bears or our beloved pets instantly come in front of our eyes. Teddy bears and soft toys are highly adorable. You never find them in a standardized perfect shape like a human being or a giant carnivorous animal. They are always sweet-looking loyal creatures or baby human beings. 

The reason behind that is ‘Ingenuousness.’ The softness in them is a touch of kindness, and kindness is another form of loyalty. Both naturally come from ingenuity. Soft toys are more than toys on your bed. They wait for you all day long, to hug you after you come back from a long tiring day. They are one of those best friends who are always ready to watch your favorite tv shows with you and at times lend a shoulder to cry on. Imagine taking out all the frustration and piled-up emotions on your favorite teddy bear. Do you know what the best part is? That teddy will not judge you or even give you unnecessary opinions. It will just be there with you and for you unconditionally. 

Stuff toys look back at you with a smile like everything is normal. They are one of those who are always ready to cuddle with you whenever you are feeling low, depressed and their fur is always ready to soak up your tears without expecting anything in return. Next time when you see your teddy bear, hug it tighter. And if you need a real fluffy friend, adopt a dog, and then be ready for all the cozy hugs. 

Hug yourself first. If that doesn’t make you feel better, hug a teddy bear. Lastly, if you need the touch of a living being, hug your pet animal. These things are the best kind of mood busters. 

Enjoy being fluffy!

Things that are Fluffy- A Clear definition

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