Day: August 12, 2021

Adjectives starting with V- Their descriptions

ADJECTIVES STARTING WITH V: Valiant, Vain, Valorous, Vast, Vaporous, vaulting, Vehement, venerable, Venomous, Veracious, Verbal, Victorious ABSTRACT The adjective is one of the important parts of speech in the English language. An Adjective is a word used in a sentence to give more meaning to a noun or pronoun. An adjective qualifies a noun and […]

Fruits That Start with W- Their descriptions

Fruits That Start with W: West Indian Berry, Williams Pear, Wolf Berry, Water Apple, Water lemon, Watermelon, White Sapote Fruit, White Mulberry Fruit On planet earth, there are millions of fruits, both edible and inedible. Different types of fruits are adapted to different climatic conditions. Even in deserts, you will find fruits. There are common […]

Can You Freeze Sour Cream?- Here is the Answer

Can You Freeze Sour Cream? Sour cream can be stored in freezers with the aid of Ziploc bags, airtight container,s and muffin pans. Sour cream is a dairy product that is one of the most popular dairy products in the United States of America. Sour cream is basically acidified or cultured light cream made by […]

Top 6 Vegetables That Start With H- Their descriptions

Top 6 Vegetables That Start With “H”: Hijiki, Horse Gram, Haricot Bean, Horseradish, Heart of Palm, and Hamburg Parsley There are several different vegetables available in the market. Still, there are not many to name that start with the letter “h.” Can you remember any vegetable starting with “h”? In this article, we want to […]

Fruits that start with the Letter R- Their descriptions

Fruits that start with the Letter R- RAISIN, RAJKA, RAMBAI, RAMBUTAN, RAMONTCHI, RANGPUR LIME, RASPBERRY, RASPURI, RED BANANA, ROCHA, ROSEHIP. Fresh fruit, meal, lunch, or dessert is an excellent alternative. Most fruits are sweet and ready to eat without planning cooking or recipe. Take an apple, a peach, or a banana, and enjoy yourself. Notice […]

Adjectives starting with I- Their descriptions

“Adjectives starting with I”: Intricate, Instinctive, Infallible, Ironic, Invaluable, Insightful, Incisive, Incantatory, Immerse, Idyllic and more ‘Individualistic’? ‘Inept?’ What more ‘I’ adjectives that could be as interesting? Let us go ahead and instill in mind the thirty ‘intriguing’ words on this list. “Idyllic” Means “a pleasantly picturesque place or time.” Origin of Word: from Greek […]

78 Common Things That are Square- And their descriptions

78 Common Things That are Square: some are Disk floppy, Chessboard, Business card, Instagram logo, Saltine, Graham, Sandwich, App icon, Crossword. Square defines a structure that has the same length on four sides. The food and the items in square form are abundant, from the waffles to the tiles. This collection included both cubic forms […]

60 common things that are circular- And their descriptions

60 common things that are circular; stopwatch, Compass, Orange, Oreo, Moon, Tiny, Mirror, Dartboard, Bass drum, Tennis ball, Soccer ball, and more In this article, we’ve included things that are flat and circular (like a Frisbee), spherical things (like an orange), and things that are round as you break into them (like a cucumber) (like […]

60 Common Things that are Flat- And their descriptions

60 Common Things that are Flat: Stencil, Poster, Tarot card, Confetti, ribbon, Price tag, Band-aid, Tile, Knife, Bag of paper, Measure tape, and more Flat refers to a consistent and uniform surface that may also be bored or uninterested. With this List, we have done our best to cover as many different things as possible, […]

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