How to Paint Clouds?- A Clear Guide


HOW TO PAINT CLOUDS? using Prussian blue hue at the top, ultramarine at the middle and process cyan below flattened the dots redistribute the colors

Before we learn how to paint a cloud properly, let us first find out the different types to understand and analyze what kind of cloud should be in the paintings.


Different Types of Clouds

  • Cirrus – clouds that are thin and wispy they appear during good weather
  • Cirrocumulus – clouds that look like tiny cotton balls
  • Cirrostratus – high, flat clouds that might cover the sky. These clouds signal that it may rain in the next day
  • Altostratus – clouds that form a dark gray covering. Usually sign of rain.
  • Altocumulus – clouds that are small, white and puffy
  • Nimbostratus – these are thick, dark gray clouds that bring rain or snow
  • Stratus – clouds are gray in color and may produce light rain or drizzle
  • Stratocumulus – low, puffy and gray clouds that may produce a little rain or nimbostratus clouds
  • Cumulus – big, white, puffy and beautiful clouds usually mean good weather unless they grow really tall and turn into cumulonimbus
  • Cumulonimbus – very tall clouds that can cause violent thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and even tornadoes.

Now that we know the different types of clouds, we easily analyze what clouds we will paint. We are going to paint a bright sunny day to deliver good news to everyone. Let us start!


First, the child should know the type of lines straight, horizontal, vertical, and curve because clouds will be used are curve lines like the letter c because children learn faster when they use what they have learned. So first draw a letter c that is large and connect each until it forms a cloud and then colors it using crayons since kids usually use white bond paper use blue or sky-blue color because they were too young they only knew the color of the cloud was blue and not white, they also did not know how to mix blue and white because they did not have much idea so often what they use in the cloud is blue.

And start coloring the drawn cloud and teach the child that there should be nothing beyond the line for a cleaner and more beautiful look. Draw also birds flying with black crayons and the sun shining brightly with yellow crayon below is strewn with trees and many plants to look more lively and colorful with green crayon and for the plants use red, pink, violet for the flowers. The outcome was a happy and bright morning.

Clouds drew – Cirrocumulus, Altocumulus, and cumulus because kids often draw tiny clouds like cotton balls.


Young people, when drawing clouds, think they are always positive and energetic; only a few draw clouds that indicate rain, using watercolor and vellum board draw large clouds, sometimes white or blue clouds, puffy and beautiful at the bottom of the cloud draw birds and color them black, on the right side draw the sun and color them yellow, at the bottom draw a lot of plants such as plants and flowers and color them green, red, yellow, pink on the playground draw monkey bar color green to look more colorful, basketball court color it blue, white and red, seesaw color it red on the other seat, and blue on the other side and cradle can be painted bright red to look more attractive and nice. Watercolor using a thin brush, take a little water for the brush and choose the color you want to use, do not wet the brush too much because when glued to watercolor, it dissolves quickly. When dyed on a vellum board, it may peel off, or the result may not be good, and there is a possibility that when the watercolor is too wet, the different colors will mix.

Clouds drew: Cirrus and cumulus teenagers often draw clouds with a big, puffy, and beautiful look that indicates good weather.

For the Beginners:

Using watercolor, they have many techniques in mixing colors; they are not like kids that are only familiar with crayons primary color; for teenagers basic mixing of two primaries, colors but the beginners, they create art with a blast.  They will not use a pencil to draw directly on the vellum board; they use their skills in mixing colors by using the wet-in-wet technique. No more idea of a simple garden with clouds or a beautiful playground; the beginners focus on clouds only. First, they mix blue on their palette, second mix cadmium yellow and yellow ochre (not the typical color we know, right?), third mix cobalt and crimson to get purple, fourth mix other varieties using yellow, crimson, and blue, the fifth attempt a landscape by drawing a horizon line at the bottom of your paper, sixth use a large brush or sponge to dampen the sky, seventh. In contrast, the paper is wet, stroke colors across the paper and merge them, eight checks for the correct dampness, 9th clean off the excess paint, and lastly, you can tip the work to help the colors merge and let the work dry flat.

Clouds drew: Cirrus, Altocumulus, Cirrocumulus, and Cumulus representing a beautiful sunny day.

Lastly, for the professionals, I asked my friend how to paint a perfect cloud. She started sharing how she managed to paint clouds using Acrylic painting with the theme: Night sky clouds……. She promises to detail it easily to reach my understanding LOL:D

For Professionals:

She creates dots by using Prussian blue hue at the top, ultramarine at the middle, and process cyan below; she also started flattened the dots at each level in the right and left direction use a brush and redistribute the colors in the right and left directions for a better texture then take a smaller brush and start coloring white  ( I thought ) on the side fitted with Prussian blue down to ultramarine up to process cyan with a puffy, white and thick looks like a slanting curvy position that really looks so beautiful even not finished yet it looks like a real cloud then you patiently filling all sides with white thick cloudy design by distributing the colors evenly the style of her painting technique is more of dot movements to look more cloudy and bubbly, after 5 minutes she used a toothbrush dip in color white and calmly tapped the brush to form stars. I was really shocked that it looks wonderful and pleasant, so clean and I can say made from the heart. She showed me what she uses: Alpha Acrylic for bright Aqua, Galleria Acrylic for Ultramarine and Process cyan, Black Acrylic No .393, and 600 white. Still, for the different brushes she used, I am not familiar.

Clouds painted: Cumulus, Altocumulus, and She called it Noctilucent clouds, so I researched it, and it represents night-shining or tenuous cloud-like phenomena in the upper atmosphere of Earth.

I was so shocked and star-struck about the outcome of her painting it gives me the feeling of chilling at night outside the house sitting on a chair while watching the beautiful view that leads me to a dream of having a peaceful and positive vibe and it released my emotional state. I was drawn and in love with the painting, wishing that I could see the reality of life where the world is beautiful, especially at night because it is clear, peaceful, and quiet but able to give peace of mind and give a little time to rest and forget the problems that am I being taken to the very cloud floating in the beautiful view. What a good one to end my day. Good job!

As I admired the painting, I also give thumbs up to the painter’s beginners or professionals; they express themselves through their passion but not knowing that it gives admiration to the viewers with just a simple painting for them. Really a talent that cannot be taken to them, we all can create clouds different ways to draw and paint but what matters most is Unleash the heart and easy way to express yourself and what the outcome of your drawing will show your personality and how you look at life and the world. It also shows and shares different emotions physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

I salute the aspiring painters who spend their ideas and time developing beautiful art that shows that God has created great artists and is truly invaluable. Good job! Create more to give colors in different museums, and each painting can be sold; and once you have shared your talent, you still earn, and you are known all over the world. Things that really make the eyes see the beauty of the world through the work of art open our minds to what reality is and what can be lived. Spread the love and spread positivity through art. Good day!!

How to Paint Clouds?- A Clear Guide

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