What Does a Honeymoon Suite Include?

What Does a Honeymoon Suite Include

One of the biggest fascinations for a couple after marriage is to enjoy life with their partner at a cozy and pleasant place to have a honeymoon. Honeymoon suites are rooms where the couples are supposed to live, which plays a vital role in building their bond for the future and increasing their intimacy level. Therefore, restaurants usually have specific rooms for a honeymoon. They offer luxurious items and products with an excellent ambiance for the couple to enjoy their trip and have fun with each other. 

Items placed in a honeymoon suite 

Apart from the items used daily, such as a toothbrush, towel, air conditioners, LED TVs, etc., hotels often want and manage to offer their best services to a couple. The unique and magnificent items in a Honeymoon Suite, different from any ordinary room, include the items listed below. 

Beautiful showpiece and pictures on walls

It is often observed that honeymoon suites usually include showpieces depicting romance where statues often kiss each other and pictures depicting beautiful romantic scenarios, which often helps make the couple feel more comfortable together. 

  • Blankets folded into a design.

Blankets are usually folded so that they depict two ducks usually kissing each other with their beaks which serves as a welcome signal for the newlyweds to have comfort and spend leisure time together. This idea of folding blankets to form a specific shape was not invented before but has managed to gather a lot of positive feedback since it has been bought to use.  

  • Scented flowers and bouquet

Flowers play a vital role in expressing one’s love to the other person. Flowers and bouquets decorated in a honeymoon Suite serve two purposes: making the room look more attractive and making the couple remember their proposal and spend time together.

  • Opportunity to have a lunch date near the pool

It is usually observed that hotels that consist of a pool offer the chance to use the pool for a lunch or dinner date to the newlyweds in the honeymoon package as a novel experience to the couple. This often sounds like an exciting option for the couple to spend their time and benefits the hotel as few offer this service of having dinner or lunch inside the pool.

  • Free spa and massage facilities for the couple

When a couple buys a honeymoon package and lives in a honeymoon suite, they usually get a chance of using the free vouchers for a spa in the hotel and an opportunity to avail of free massage, given by experts in the hotel, making their experience wholesome and pleasant. 

  • Candles

Usually, big candles are placed on the table of the honeymoon suite, which makes the room look more attractive and serves the purpose of bringing in warmth and affection between the couple, mainly while having dinner. 

  • Chilled champagnes

Providing chilled champagne is a signature of many hotels when they offer honeymoon suites to newlyweds. It is treated as a symbol of welcoming the couple for their stay. 

  • The fantastic view outside the window

Honeymoon suites are usually chosen so that the series of rooms that make up the suite altogether end up having a beautiful landscape for the newlyweds to see outside and offer a beautiful background for the couple to enjoy their visit more.  

  • List of exclusive dishes to choose from

Usually, it does happen that the ordinary buffet available for the rest of the guests staying at the hotel is not presented in front of the couple living in the honeymoon Suite as they are offered with exclusive and exotic dishes to choose from, making their experience worth remembering with different drinks and mocktails to sip on. 

  • Complimentary gifts

Complimentary gifts on entry and exit of the newlyweds are usually provided by the hotel as a token of love in the form of a makeup box gift to the woman or critical chains and showpieces to decorate at home.

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to be married to book a honeymoon suite?

No, the only thing one needs to do is call the hotel agency and book a honeymoon Suite without stating the reason for your stay at the suite. Then, you would be provided the same treatment as newlyweds if you book a honeymoon suite in a hotel.

Is booking a honeymoon suite that includes all the items listed too expensive?

Honeymoon suites are a little expensive, keeping in mind that the newlyweds would not hesitate to spend money on their honeymoon and would love to feel the pleasure of staying at a beautiful place for the time they want and have a gala time together to cherish their bonding and intimacy together.

Can an individual put a fine on the hotel for not providing the items particular to a honeymoon suite?

No, a hotel doesn’t need to give all the items listed above in a honeymoon Suite as these are all the items that hotels usually provide for newlyweds who book a honeymoon suite. Therefore, it is not a compulsion that these items would be provided by them or not. Also, the list of things could change as per the hotel’s convenience, depending on where the hotel is situated.

Is the honeymoon Suite affordable for everyone?

Honeymoon suites come in various packages, and one can choose the perfect honeymoon package to spend their time with. It ranges from a minimal amount to an expensive one, depending on the luxury provided and the treatment given by the hotel staff. 

Is it necessary to go for honeymoon suites to spend a honeymoon?

It is optional for a couple to go for a honeymoon suite. Usually, it depends on one’s income and the amount of money they are willing to spend on the honeymoon. 

The items listed talk about the most common things included in a honeymoon suite for a couple to spend quality time together and are not a rigid set of items to look for when booking a suite.

What Does a Honeymoon Suite Include?

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