What are the characteristics of agape love?

What are the characteristics of agape love?

Ahh! If there is anything that can change the world, it is the strongest feeling which exists on the earth called love. Love can turn Ashes to mountains and mountains to ashes. It is that weapon that is the deadliest and yet everyone wants to be its victim. Love is the very first form that was understood to be existing between God and worshipper, the purest one without a doubt. That love was a perfect example of pure love, a love with no greed, expectations, or returns. So, whenever we think about love, we want it to be that perfect example similar to God and a worshipper, maybe this is the reason why we as normal humans want it to be flawless. Love is a philosophy that has no theory. Agape love is the everlasting love, sacrificing, free and unconditional. A feeling which never ends and a craving no one can fulfill. A smile that can change your world, a word that will make you want to live more. A love that no other love can replace.

In a time where dating is too casual and love has almost lost its meaning and worth, how do we know what is right for us? Does love exist? How do we know what we are experiencing is a positive symptom or just another adventure?

No worries, here are some traits that may help you identify that your love is the love of your life. To be in love is not easy, if you are broken then the journey is never going to be filled with flowers and aromas. To love someone completely with an open heart and purity, you need to love yourself before anyone else. It is the most beautiful feeling in the universe to be in love, butterflies and bees always reside in your tummy, the world seems to be in a musical play, and a smile without a reason becomes your constant partner. Cons are that you are always searching for someone in the crowd, every street, every lane you travel wants to end in one destination, every moment makes you restless, sleepless nights and not being hungry and thirsty at all. Haha, I wonder why people call it a sweet poison. When love enters your soul, it beautifies your vision. It burns and it heals you, the only illness which is the cure to itself. 

Characteristics of agape love


The foundation of any relationship and one of the strongest pillars in understanding between the two people. Friendship is the seed to any successfully grown plant of a relationship. This is that aspect without which even if you have fallen in love with a person, it will never be able to work out in the future. A committed life is much more than just about material understanding. The level of understanding should be that where you can understand them by just looking in their eyes. It is not an unrealistic situation; it truly does exist between two people who have an understanding. So, if you feel that there is any person or your partner is someone who feels you and calms your tornados in your life, she/he might be the person. One rule to swear by is to always listen to understand and not to respond. 


It might not be unknown to you that reaching out to the person you love/desire is not easy. Sometimes we are in an environment where it feels like everyone is against our relationship.  So, when we are with a person some negative radicals might not approve of our relationship trying to interfere. They create misunderstandings and keep trying until they are successful in their mission. Apparently to be vulnerable in a relationship is very important so that you can dodge all the external influences. Maintaining the same level throughout the relationship is a bit challenging but if you both are staying strong and protecting what you have between you.

Respect & Trust 

Let me tell you, these two words seem easiest in all the characteristics, but maximum relationships don’t work because they lack these. In the initial days of your love life, everything is a lot like there is a lot of love, a lot of care, a lot of attachment, a lot of hangouts, and a lot of everything emotionally. But respect and trust kick you after a certain period, that’s a time where we are pretty much known to the good and bad side of our beloved. Believing that both of you are equal and responsible for each other’s mental peace, that is respect. Your person should not feel suffocated due to your insecurities, possessive nature, or protection and the same goes for you. True characters reveal in anger, we lose a lot of our control when we are super hyper about something, that’s when you will know whether you are respected and trusted or not. 


Before we fall for a person, there is a whole mental and emotional transformation that happens which makes us realize our feelings. It is something that takes time to form and only a second to make you realize that this is what you ever wanted in life. It is a sense of attachment with each other where you are comfortable and vibe together more than normal. It surely doesn’t mean that both of you have to be soul twins, you both cannot agree on the same topics all the time. The secret to keeping a strong bond is to refrain from ugly arguments and agree to disagree with each other.


They say if the love is real, then the other person can read your mind and feel you. It is also said that people who miss you come in your dreams. You might not realize what you are experiencing but this weird phenomenon might be telepathy. When two people are so much connected and absorbed in each other then they start to understand the slightest action-reaction happening between them. It is believed, eyes have a lot to tell and your silence speaks for you, if they have cracked this language of love for you then you don’t have the right to doubt their love. Unconditional love is not about the give and takes process, there shouldn’t be a count of what you both can do for each other. 


The only aspect which lacks these days is sacrifice. Sacrificing doesn’t always mean you have to get hurt to make them happy. The first type is when you are ready to kill your big egos, attitudes, toxic habits, and all the negative aspects of your life. The second is when you prioritize their happiness and vice versa. Ultimately, one of you will have to sacrifice to make the other half happier by agreeing. But this can only work out when both are sacrificing and not just one person is compromising. We as humans don’t sacrifice our desires and needs just for any other random person walking in the streets. In a brutally selfish world, it is like finding a pearl in the ocean to find such a person. When you come across them, never lose them. 

There is no definition of perfect love but there are characteristics. There isn’t any fixed formula to identify a forever love. Sometimes we fall for the worst people out there and sometimes we come across angel souls. The point is who we feel our home is. A home is a place where there is comfort, love, and satisfaction. And when you come across such an individual your heart automatically skips a beat and somewhere you know, you know this is what you needed, this is your home. Agape love doesn’t just come, we have to create it by working each day on it. I hope these traits might help you find your better half but do not forget to become one. Always try to become the person you want to have in your life. 

What are the characteristics of agape love?

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