Why do Women Wear Anklets?

Why do Women Wear Anklets?

Women wear anklets all around the world. Some cultures and traditions are followed and have a backstory, to why it is considered auspicious for a woman to wear anklets. We shall discuss this further in this article. 


Many cultures around the globe believe that wearing anklets is good for a woman. It also, however, varies on what kind of an anklet it is and on which leg you are going to be wearing it. 

Certain cultures believe that wearing an anklet on the left leg symbolizes a woman who is married or committed to somebody, or say just sort of has a love interest of sorts. In contrast, a woman wearing an anklet on her right leg spills the fact that she is single and open to relationships or is possibly looking for someone, i.e., a lover. 

Ankle Bracelets or chains or anklets are not just limited to these cultures though; the unmarried women also wear them as a fashion statement, that is to say, it is used as an accessory as well, and it also signifies a woman who is confident and brave in her approaches in life.


Women traditionally used Anklets in South Asian countries, and to every native group, it has always had different meanings. For instance, in India, where the cultural heritage is extremely rich, women wear jewelry and ornaments of different materials, gold and silver ones being the most common. In addition, some customs consider toe rings and leg pieces such as anklets incredibly important. 

These women put on silver anklets as it is scientifically confirmed to have health benefits. In earlier times, women wore toe rings on their longest toes, i.e., the second toe from the biggest toe on each foot, to regulate their menstrual cycles as there occurs to be a vein or two in that very part of the body that modulates the flow every month. It is said that the female body somehow produces a lot of energy which mostly is through the extremities, i.e., the hands and the feet, and silver is a highly reactive metal, reverts this energy back which in turn keeps the woman active. 

Today, some women have started wearing gold anklets to flaunt their wealth; however, this practice is considered inauspicious since some religions like Hinduism prohibit the use of gold on the feet as their Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is symbolized by gold. 

Beyond Tradition and Culture: 

Anklets are gifted to a newlywed bride by the groom’s family when she first arrives at her husband’s house. Though mentioned previously, they are not just worn by married women by unmarried ladies and are a sign of bravery and independence. 

Initially, anklets used to have small bells on them, they still do, but they were installed in these anklets before for other reasons. It was supposed to make a jingling noise when the woman wearing it walked around, so if a household had guests, they were alerted with the sound of the lady’s anklets that she’s around and that the guests need to respect her presence. 

The sound of the jingling anklets was also used to catch and attract a man’s attention.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Many women wear specific anklets for dancing; why is that? 

A1. The anklets that women wear for dancing have a special name; they are called ‘Ghungroos’ worn by dancers while performing and practicing. These ghungroos make serene sounds on the beats of the music and steps and fill the atmosphere with harmonious efficacies. 

Q2. Is it okay for men to wear anklets? 

A2. That shouldn’t even be a question anymore. Absolutely, YES!! Men suit themselves with some art on their bodies; breaking the stereotypes is all about today. But in this case, ‘ men wearing anklets’ is not even something that’s a hush-hush thing. Initially, men did wear jewelry on their feet, especially the Mughals. It meant more to them than the lady of the house at that time. There is genuinely nothing feminine about wearing jewelry; it is absolutely gender-neutral and highly recommended for style. 

Q3.What is Sustainable Fashion?

A3. Sustainable Fashion is any sort of idea categorically within the fashion industry that is long-lasting and timeless. It is the new hot topic today and is in because of the amount of environmental damage that human beings have caused over the years. To save the planet, the newest trends coming in are ways we can all do our part to save the earth

  • DIY Fashion: Do it yourselves has always been a go-to trend and has never aged. Coming up with dresses using scarfs, stoles, etc., and killing it on the ramp will never run out of Fashion and can always be improvised.
  • Recyclable Materials: Materials like tin, plastic, paper, rubber have all been put to use in the fashion industry, especially to make sportswear that can be used over and over again without fear of it getting ripped or dragged and is seen to be an incredible way to reuse and utilize these non-decomposable materials, particularly plastic.
  • Classics: Classic Styles like mom jeans, overcoats, crop tops, and headgears are all coming back in Fashion, and we’re all in for the treat. It is not new that sooner or later, Fashion does and will repeat itself, but the classics just tend to never get old and will never really go out of Fashion while at it. 
  • Minimalism: Minimalism is one such fashion trend that will stay in the market for a very long time. Minimalistic approaches in outfits make them look more elegant and classy and make you feel confident; you see, you cannot go wrong with things that don’t hold patterns and are here to stay. 
Why do Women Wear Anklets?

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