Can you get a physical exam at Walgreens?

Can you get a physical exam at Walgreens

When it comes to health issues, you are always advised to keep your health intact and avoid any related issues that would cause your health to deteriorate. Besides, physical health examination is carried out at your nearest hospital or approved health centers; however, you might have some other clinic that offers only online consultation but sometimes offers you physical health examination. Whatever the case might be, your physical examination is paramount to doctors understanding your health challenges and what medical help would be best for the situation you have found yourself in. Read more about can you get a physical exam at Walgreens.

Of course, patients can now visit the Walgreen drug stores for physical examination at Take Care Clinics across the United States. Walgreen uses Take Care Health Systems as their subsidiary, where physical health examinations can take place. Besides, the service offered to children getting ready to go back to school can be accessed for only $25. However, the prices offered at the Walgreen clinic can vary based on the different insurance policies available for the clients that access their services. In addition, many states require that school children present the certificate of examination before participating in any physical activity in school camps or community activities. Know about can you get a physical exam at Walgreens.

What is a physical examination like at the Walgreen Clinic?

Walgreen has been selected as the illness and injuries center for physical exams for a school camp or other sports activities. The Clinic had an arrangement with the board of certified nurses or physician assistants to help check the people that require these services. However, the price for accessing this service is subsidized based on insurance holders who visit the clinics. Besides, there are general providers of medical exams, which excludes the annual physicals, while it is all-inclusive of the DOT, camp, college, and sport physical examinations. Walgreens can also help with smoking cessation, eyelash lengthening, and other minor physical checks that are required. However, not all their service centers provide comprehensive services. Read more about can you get a physical exam at Walgreens.

There is some major information you might be struggling to understand regarding the services of Walgreens; they include the following: 

Can you do a walk-in physically at the Walgreens clinics?

Whether you are looking to get a physically fit examination certificate or your children need sport certification, the Walgreen physical store seamlessly provides you with the above services. In addition, there are various services provided to patients on walk-in basics based on the physical exam basics. However, you must be ready to pay different charges as they apply to different locations in the country. 

Does Walgreen draw blood?

Whether you are scared or looking to understand the modulus operand of the Walgreens regarding blood draws for tests, you should worry less as the store has partnered with LabCorp, which enables them to have about 600 blood draws locations across the United States. 

How much does it cost to do a physical at Walgreens? 

Typically the school and sport physical examination at the Walgreens store costs $25, while from August 12, patients can now walk in and get a physical exam at the drugstores as they specifically take care of clinics across the States.

What is considered a physical exam?

A physical exam can be considered a test where professionals in the healthcare system inspect and feel different parts of your body for any irregular occurrences. This would help the professional determine if you are fit for the sporting activities or not. Other names are used for the physical exam, including routine physical checks, body checkups, physical examination. More so, the full-body physical examination might cost lower than the regular examination demanding sporting activities in the school or the community. The price ranges from $50 to $685 depending on what you are expected to checkup in your body; meanwhile, those patients who have incurred high deductibles in their health insurance policies or people without insurance can compare prices from one store location to another and finally make their decisions. 

How much would you pay for a physical examination without insurance?

The cost you might incur for the physical exam if you do not have insurance can be on the high side. Based on the survey carried out by The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, it was established that the average cost of the physical exam is around $200. This is the recognized average cost if you are a patient without any insurance policy. It could be even more expensive at other locations or a bit cheaper at some other states. However, trying to get a physical exam can be somewhat expensive without health insurance. Your physical examination is mostly based on checking your height, weight, and blood pressure.  Aside from this, your vision, heart rate, lungs, abdomen, joints, strength, throats, and body flexibility would also be checked. 

How often should you get checked?

This would be based on your personal preference; however, it is recommended that your body check should be done once a year at least. If you are above the age of 50, your examination should be done once every three years. However, if you are having health issues, you should check in with your doctor more often. If you have any health issues, no matter your age, always reach out to your doctor for a better health check. Besides, a routine blood check should also be done at least once a year as recommended by the doctors. 


Before you can participate in any sports activities that require intense physical movement, you are expected to carry out a check on your body. Unfortunately, this is the norm, and you cannot skip it. It is then left to you to decide where your test would be done. Aside from this, it is advisable to have your physical examination done in a recognized health institution such as Walgreens, as there are various stores in the United States. 


Does Walgreen do lab work?

The retail locations of Walgreens make testing available, and the lab services are complementary to the major pharmacy services they offer. As part of the company’s goal, they intended to meet the increased demand for affordable and accessible health care in the United States, while they also cater for patients without health insurance. 

What should you not do before the physical exam?

You should avoid fatty food or any caffeinated drink. Also, get a good night’s sleep before the examination day, and avoid exercise.

Can you get a physical exam at Walgreens?

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