Does target monitor their cameras?

Security is a measure of concern in self-service outlet stores. But with the growth in technology, regular surveillance of activities taking place in stores has become easy. CCTV cameras are at every store, street, and location nowadays. But does Target monitor their cameras? 

Does target monitor their cameras?

One of the major retail stores in the USA, Target, is very sincere regarding the monitoring of its CCTV cameras. It has a proper Security Center, where a team of tech experts monitors cameras and other security systems. The team does surveillance 24/7. Target operates with one of the best security systems in the country. Target also takes serious action against any breaching of rules or laws. 

does target monitor their cameras

Theft Protection Policy of Target 

Target is working with the most sophisticated security system among its competitors. It is very sincere towards checking their security. There is a team in stores and security centers that continuously track cameras. 

  • Target has face and fingerprint identification systems. These systems are so advanced that they can even track potential thieves and other criminals. This system allows Target to deal with theft and thieves efficiently. 
  • There is store-to-store coordination in Target. They have records of criminals who had previously attempted any crime in any Target store. Their technology identifies the thieves by their face or their style. 

Target prepares evidence about criminals to give to the police through its strong security system. It does not ignore even a single or minor incident of theft. This is what makes them different from their other competitors. 

How does target moniter their cameras? 

Target has built a dedicated security system, where identification of criminals and thieves has become easier. If customers do any malpractices at the store, they can be easily identified and tracked. Unlike many stores where customers regularly do small thefts, Target has a strong security system. Even a single act of theft could be easily observed by the store’s security handlers. 

Target has the technology that can identify criminals and list out potential criminals. The retail store closely monitors its cameras. There is also facial identification software to identify criminals. 

Target has its laboratory to check more about thieves and criminals. It is very easy to gather fingerprints of thieves from the stores or the coupons they used. These fingerprints are even tested in the laboratory if required. 

Target security centers 

Target keeps close surveillance over activities taking place in their stores. So, if you think you shoplifted something from the store without anybody’s notice, then you are wrong. Target keeps a record of every such activity and every such customer. They even report to the police when the amount of theft is big. 

For this close surveillance, Target has 23 investigation centers and even two forensic laboratories. In the investigation centers, all the CCTV footage is transferred for examination. Whereas fingerprints and related details are sent to the forensic centers whenever required. In these centers, employees work continuously to check on every detail collected through the security installation system. 

Target’s two forensic centers have authorization from the American Society of Crime Laboratory or Laboratory Accreditation board. This itself declares that Target has the most sophisticated and dedicated security system among all its competitors. 

This security system is important for the protection of stores as well as customers. Target has developed high-class security not only for the protection from theft but also to ensure the safety and security of staff and customers who come to shop. 

Punishment for theft at Target 

Target deals with the shoplifter according to the size of their theft. For small thefts, Target handles the situation at their level. But for serious crimes or big and continuous theft, it approaches the police. 

Following are the steps Target takes against theft-

  • Check the luggage of the suspected person for any shoplifted item. 
  • Ask customers to either return or pay for the products they steal.
  • Ban the customer who found guilty of shoplifting 
  • Call and involve the police in case of some serious theft. This is to ensure the safety of staff and customers at the store. 


We hope you have got the answer to, does Target monitor their cameras. Target is a major retail store in the USA. It welcomes hundreds of consumers daily. To ensure security in the store, it continuously monitors CCTV cameras installed in the store. There is an in-store control room and various security centers in the city to constantly monitor the store’s security. Target also takes strict action against any unlawful act in its stores.


  1. For how many days does Target keep CCTV footage?

Answer: Target keeps footage of their camera recordings for at least 30 days to do a complete inspection of recordings.

  1. Does Target have security guards in their stores? 

Answer: Target has a very strong in-store security. Apart from digital security, there are regular security guards to deal with any security breach. Additionally, Target also keeps undercover security guards who act as normal buyers at stores. These guards secretly and smartly keep eyes on other buyers. 

Does target monitor their cameras?

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