Does USPS Notarize?

To be legally valid, you must certify certain legal documents such as wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, and affidavits. Notarization is the procedure with the aid of which a notary legal individual signs, seals, and notarizes a prison report. Most importantly, notarization is that the report is real and its signature is real. We will learn more about the entire notarization process, and answer the question does USPS notarize in detail, and how the document is notarized.


According to the National Notary Association, notarization is “a proper anti-fraud system that ensures the events of a transaction that the record is proper and reliable.” As NNA states there are 3 components to the notarization system: vetting, certification, and Record-keeping.

Does USPS Notarize
  • Vetting: The notary will confirm the record to be notarized to make sure that the record is proper. 
  • Certification: The notary will make sure that the man or woman signing the record is similar to the man or woman indexed at the record. Notaries additionally make sure that the signer is aware of the record and voluntarily symptoms and symptoms. 
  • Record-keeping: All notarized transactions are recorded in a reliable log containing the call and statistics of the individual that signed the notarized record.

Notary public or notary: A Notary public additionally referred to as a Notary is an officer appointed through the kingdom authorities to function as truthful witnesses to the overall public withinside the behavior of diverse misconduct associated with the signing of crucial documents.

Does USPS notarize?

Unfortunately, as of 2021, the United States Postal Service will not notarize any documents. As a federal agency, the USPS cannot provide certification services performed at the state level.

Why don’t USPS  notarize?

Each state operates its own authority to regulate the Notarial Act, including those who can  (and remain notaries). This guides us to why the USPS does not provide notary services. The federal and country governments aren’t designed to engage in this role withinside the case of the USPS.

However, a few humans mistakenly consider that the USPS does notarize. That being said, the US put up workplace places regularly have contracts with personal groups withinside the equal construction to offer certification services. Therefore, if you go to a public post office to ask for a notary, the notary is not employed by the USPS.

The need for notarization:

An incredible number of documents require a notary. If you don’t have a notary, it can stop selling, block the transfer of funds, or refuse treatment. Some are common, but there are many others: 

  •  Affidavit 
  •  Certificate 
  •  Oath 
  •  Official dissertation 
  •  power of attorney 
  •  Promissory note 
  •  Real estate closure documents 
  •  Trusts 
  •  Oral testimony 
  •  Wills

Where can we get Notary services?

  •   Mobile Notary Service: The mobile notary service is much more convenient because you come to your home or office to prove your documents. However, it is also usually the most expensive option.
  •   Banks: Suppose you have an account in the bank then that branch of the bank will notarize your documents for free.
  •   Courthouse: The courthouse has a notary during normal business hours. As a rule, the district office meets the certification requirements. 
  •   Transportation and Packaging Business: Many packaging, transportation, and parcel businesses, such as UPS,  have notaries.
  •    Real Estate / Law Firms: Many real estate and law firms have their own notaries. If not, they usually tell you where the nearest notary is.

Can we do online notarization?

The postal carrier gives much equipment online, however now no longer certificated.

However, some companies are filling this gap with online notaries.  These companies connect you with a distant notary who will guide you through the procedure at an affordable price. You can try websites such as and 

What documents do we need for notarization?

If you have a notary public in your local US Post Office  building, you will need to bring the following documents for your notarization :

  • Valid government-issued photo ID: This document is used by a notary public to verify the identity before signing the document.
  • The report which desires notarization: Make positive the report you deliver is the unique unsigned version. 
  • Witness (if applicable): Some prison files require a witness to be gifted at the time of signing. Some US put up workplaces places have teams of workers who act as witnesses, however, this isn’t always guaranteed. Therefore, bringing your very own witnesses is the most secure option.
  • Notarization fee: Notarization fee varies from state to state. It may cost around $10 -$30. It depends on the state.

How does a notary work?

  • Bring your identity verification documents and present them to the notary when signing. Identity verification can be a government-issued driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. (Identity verification is at the discretion of the notary, so you will need to show proper ID.) 
  • Sign the report in front of a notary public. The notary then symptoms and symptoms the report and stamps it as a signal of approval.
  • Pay the notary rate for the service.

Does USPS Notarize?

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