Walmart EcoATMs: How Do They Work?

Walmart, the American multinational retailer, offers new branded products and amounts for used products through the Walmart ecoATMs. The customers are no longer required to bother about the old tablets and mobile phones. Walmart was the first of its type to start the usage of the ecoATMs.

The users must surrender their electronic devices to the Walmart ecoATMs and get an amount depending on several conditions. These machines get cleaned and sanitized regularly. We will learn about the working of Walmart ecoATM, its advantages, and disadvantages.

Walmart EcoATMs

Working Of A Walmart EcoATM

The following are the steps related to the working of Walmart ecoATM:

Estimate The Product Price

You must check the product price for what you want to submit to the ecoATM. ecoATM’s website might be the first option. Other similar sites are MaxBack, Swappa, NextWorth, and more. However, get ready to come across the lower prices, especially if your device is in a worse condition. The price depends on device condition, legitimacy, market value, model, brand, and more.

Get Ready With The Documents

The minimum age of an individual must be 18 to use the ecoATM. The machine accepts the identification cards issued by the government or the US states, such as a driver’s license. You must be the legal owner of the device. Do not sell a dummy or an imitation of the actual device.

Get Ready With The Device

You must be ready with your devices before going to the Walmart ecoATM. Remember that the machine accepts mp3 players, iPhones, smartphones, old cell phones, tablets, and more. You must charge the device enough, take out the sim cards and memory cards, and delete all the sensitive data. Resetting all the settings and passwords from the device is a better option. Do not forget to back up all the required data before deleting it.

Find The Location

Including the Walmart stores, ecoATMs get spread across 41 states. They are present at 1,510 locations. However, you may additionally search for the nearest Walmart ecoATM. Also, the Walmart ecoATM you find must get ready for usage. 

At The Kiosk

After reaching the kiosk, answer the questions asked by the ecoATM machine related to the product you want to resell. Attach the barcode sticker provided by the machine to your device and put it into the machine. Let this machine scan your device. Do not forget to get your ID noticed. Your face will also get inspected for authenticity. Finally, the product value will get offered to you, and you must decide whether to move further with the price or take your device away.

What Does Walmart EcoATM Accept?

Walmart ecoATM accepts used devices and locked, damaged, or broken phones. Similarly, it welcomes the brands such as Motorola, ZTE, Apple, LG, Samsung, and Google.

What Does Walmart EcoATM Not Accept?

Though Walmart ecoATM accepts locked phones, it does not accept the stolen or lost devices, the ones locked by iPhone iCloud or bought without full payment. The sellers can sell the product to the ecoATM machine only after 60 days of its release.

Advantages Of Walmart EcoATM

The following are the advantages of Walmart EcoATM:

  • You must place your finger on the finger scanner of the ecoATM machine. It acts as the fraud prevention method and ensures authenticity.
  • It accepts a wide range of products, approximately 5000 products.
  • It offers a safe and comfortable way for people to get rid of their unwanted electronic devices. Also, they instantly get paid for the submitted products.
  • Walmart cares for the environment. Thus, it imposed a method to recycle electronic gadgets instead of throwing them.

Challenges With Walmart EcoATM

The following are the challenges related to Walmart ecoATM:

  • It must expand the range of products it accepts.
  • You cannot take the product back once the transaction gets completed. So, do not forget to remove the accessories you do not want to sell with the device.
  • It offers higher prices for new products. They must be in good condition according to most aspects. Otherwise, get ready to come across a lower price. This amount pulsates over time.
  • Walmart ecoATMs might get easily hacked. Thieves might somehow sell stolen gadgets. So, even the security measures might not get enough sometimes.

After purchasing the devices from the ecoATM, Walmart either recycles or resells them. It might also sell parts of the devices separately. The whole process looks comfortable and environment-friendly but is not always as expected. It possesses the threat of a security break though it offers several security methods. Walmart ecoATM is one of the trusted brands in the United States and seems to expand more in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Are The Competitors And Alternatives To EcoATM?


Some competitors of EcoATM are Swappa, Gazelle, SellCell, GrandPad, Datapact London, and more.

  1. Does Walmart EcoATM Know If The Phone Is Cracked?


Yes. The machine uses Artificial Intelligence while scanning and performing diagnoses related to the device. Sellers will get a lower price if the device is broken, damaged, or too old.

Walmart EcoATMs: How Do They Work?

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