How much is a Burger King Franchise?

Anytime, anyone talks about a burger we remind ourselves of enjoying it at the nearest Burger King. Burger King is highly specialized in serving varieties of burgers to customers all over the country. In fact, it is an American-based multinational chain of hamburger restaurants. Serving varieties of burgers and with the best quality have made them famous in a very short span. 

How much is a Burger King Franchise?

This is one of the reasons why many businessmen have made a dream of opening up a Burger King franchise. But, how much does a Burger King franchise cost? It has been found out that a Burger King franchise could nearly cost around $3,398,600 in the United States of America. 

Burger King Franchise 

To open up a Burger King franchise is not quite easy as the business people think it to be. It is one of the oldest restaurant chains in the country. Additionally, Burger King is one of the top five food franchises in the whole world so getting franchise permission could be tough. 

Yes, before owning one of the franchises of any Burger King outlet there are some permissions and requirements that the owner will need to go through. It includes many paper works and financial aid as well. 

The detailed fee chart for opening or owning a Burger King franchise is given below:-

Name of the activity Minimum Maximum 
Travel and Living expenses while training $25,000
Franchise fee $15,000$50,000
Occupancy Charge $90,000$850,000
Landscaping $60,000
Opening Inventory $2,500$12,000
Cash and Inventory Control System$35,000$110,000
Working Capital $15,000$90,000

These were some of the fees for activities that are required while owning one of the Burger King franchises. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Not every person with money can own any Burger King franchise. In fact, Burger King makes sure that the owner is well capable and of good sound. Some of the official sites have revealed that only two types of the facility can be followed by the people who own a Burger King franchise. 

The two types of the facility given by Burger King are as follows:-

  1. Traditional Facility
  2. Non-Traditional Facility

Traditional Facility 

The Traditional facility is some kind of restaurant overview. It is where the owner will get a self-contained and full-size restaurant. Moreover, this full-size restaurant will be located and operated on the site as a freestanding building. 

The interesting part of the traditional facilities is that traditional Burger King will not share any common areas with any other business. The owner of the franchise or the people working there will be bound to offer the standard approved menu of Burger King. Coming up with new or additional items is strictly not allowed in this type of facility. 

Non-Traditional Facility 

The Non-Traditional facility is those types of Burger King restaurants where the restaurant is located at the site and includes other businesses. In fact, including other businesses could be anything such as retail foodservice, convenience stores, gas service, other related stores, and many more. 

But, the Burger King restaurant working at such a type of site may or may not have a dedicated seating facility for the customers. Some of the examples of non-traditional facilities are as follows: 

  • Big-box
  • End-cap
  • Food court
  • In-line
  • Modular Retail System
  • Co-brand

These were some of the examples of non-traditional Burger King seating facilities. It is of the owner’s choice what they would like to choose out of these options according to their interest. 

Steps to Open a Burger King Franchise 

The first step of opening any franchise around the world would be capitalization and land. If the individual willing to open any franchise inherits these then the rest of the procedure will be very easy. 

Any individual willing to open up a Burger King franchise must follow some steps and procedures to make the whole process correct. There are some steps and procedures mentioned below:-

Enough Capitalisation

As it was mentioned above, the first thing to open up a Burger King franchise is adequate capitalization. The estimated or the exact amount is mentioned above in the article. But, it is always better if the individual willing to open a franchise has more than the mentioned amount above. 

Appreciate the time and effort

To open up a new franchise surely takes some time and effort for the workers including the investor. The individual will need to consider the building selected and the real estate cost so that there is no confusion in the future.

Other than these it will be better if the individual appreciated the other costs related to the franchise such as license permits, uniform costs, and other accessories. 

Use the prior business experience and strategies

Opening up a franchise for any restaurant or business does not mean that the business will run on its own. The individual willing to open must have very good knowledge and experience about the business field. This is one of the important aspects of opening up a franchise. 


Burger King as a whole has always been a successful business and in the future, it will continue doing so. This is because the service and the food quality from the company have always satisfied the customers from all around the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is opening up a Burger King franchise profitable?

Answer- Yes, opening up any franchise around the world is profitable only if they are running perfectly. 

  1. What are the per year sales of a single Burger King outlet in the country?

Answer- Some reports say that it averages around $1.4 million in sales per unit or outlet. 

  1. What is the annual salary of any employee working at a Burger King franchise?

Answer- The average salary of an employee working at a Burger King franchise is around $133,127. 

How much is a Burger King Franchise?

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