Journeys Return Policy

Journeys company is its subsidy type retail industry, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee in North America. Journeys, Journeys Kidz, little burgundy are some of the brands which work under Journeys companies. In this article, we will dive deeper into Journeys Return Policy.

Journeys Return Policy

The number of stores:

According to the data of 2019 Journeys, the company operates in 1193 locations in North America. 

Journeys company deals in:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Shoes

Offers at Journeys:

Journeys have different deals for its customers like discounts on certain products, online coupons, gift cards, buy one get one offer, buy and save offers. If you are a member of UNIDAYS then you can avail a discount from $10 to $75.

Return Policy at Journeys

Journeys have an easy method to process the return options. The return, refund, and exchange of items are quick and spontaneous. The duration in which return and exchange options can be done varies from product to product. 

Journeys give a benefit to its customers by providing 365 days to decide and to return their clothing, accessories, and shoes for a refund or exchange. The conditions related to it are:

  • Return the item even if it is in its original condition
  • The package should have the original packaging
  • The person should have the original receipt which he or she got during the delivery
  • The product should not be defective all used

Return for defective items at Journeys

A defective item is an item that has some kind of flaw before purchasing and it is unknown during the time of purchase. 

Journeys exchange the item or refund the amount only if the defect of the product was informed within 30 days of delivery, the item should have its original packaging intact without any further wear or tear, and the customer should have the original payment received and order confirmation.

Different ways to return an item ordered from Journeys:

  • The first step should be finding the nearest journeys store. After finding the store make sure that the store is open when you visit it.
  • When you go to the journeys store take with you the item to be returned, the money receipt, and the order confirmation.
  • The next step will be testing your communication skills, talking to the staff of the store or any member associated with the store.
  • Specify whether you want a refund of the amount or the replacement with the newer item.

Returning an item in-store can be a hectic and tiresome task because it needs the customer to travel to the store and wait in long lines for your turn.

Returning the item through mail:

The process of return through email depends on how you purchased the item. Both purchasing the item from journeys website and journey store have a different procedure of returning an item through the mail.

A fee of 7.95 dollars is deducted from the refund amount while processing the return option through the mail.

When an item is put for exchange through mail then there is no extra charge or shipping charge associated with it.

 The return of an item through mail is a long processing time of about two to four weeks. 

Return Policy based on Mode of Shopping

Place of purchase is Journeys Store:

If you have purchased the item through a journeys store then the first step should be to take out the print of the return form and fill it out without any mistakes. The next step is contacting Journeys customer services to get a prepaid shipping label. 

Place of purchase is through journeys online website: 

If you have purchased the item through journeys website then the first step would be creating a prepaid shipping label on the journeys returns page available at the website. The next step would be sending the items back using a shipping service. 

Return policy for products without a receipt:

When a person purchases an item through the Journeys website, they get a confirmation email about their receipts and invoices. If a person does not get the receipt, then they can follow the below-mentioned methods:


  • The first step would be opening the contact us page available at the website of journeys stores.
  • The next step would be clicking on the chat icon, entering your name and the registered email ID, and clicking on the start chatting option.


  • The first step would be opening the contact us page available at the website of journey stores.
  • The next step would be clicking on the email icon and filling the form. After completing the filling up of the form click on the send email option.

Telephone: Dial 1-888-324- 6356 and follow the instructions

Text: Text on 1-855-852-4180 and follow the instructions. 

Returning the purchased items using DoNotPay:

  • Open the DoNotPay site on your browser
  • Create an account
  • After the account has been created, select the item return request feature
  • After you select that feature a chatbot’s questions will pop up and ask you about your purchase. Answer the chatbot’s question.
  • The last step would be to include the photos of the products you wish to return and click on the submit button.

The feature will then draft a request letter about the problems with the product, and whether you want a refund or exchange. Then they will automatically mail the letter to the journeys store. The DoNotPay option also gives a return label so that you can ship your item for free.


The article points out every important piece of information about the Journeys store return policy. The first half of the article deals with the introduction to the Journeys Store and the items it deals in and offers associated with it. The second part of the article tries to give information about the return and refund policy at the Journeys store. It gives information about the period in which items can be returned or exchanged and different options to return the item. 

  • Can the return be processed without a price receipt?

       Yes, the return can be accepted with or without a price receipt.

  • What is the time limit for returning the product?

       The return time limit is 365 days.

Journeys Return Policy

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