Meijer Working Hours 2022


Technology and development have made it so flexible for us to shop at our leisure. Moreover, with the budding digitalism, one can shop from home or practically anywhere they want. Additionally, with many companies growing in their reach, be it Aldi’s, Walmart, or any other store, you can almost find all of them right near you! Needless to say, the world is still evolving and there is much progress to take place. As technology raises the bar, even companies and stores are developing on their own. With policies, sales, and more to suit your preference, shopping gets easy and hassle-free! So, we will discuss the Meijer working hours.

Overview – Meijer Working Hours

One of the major policies of any store is its shopping hours. They are firm on their timings and try to form the same as per their customers’ needs. While many stores operate 24/7, much work in 12 hours. No doubt that this depends on the kind of products sold, availability of staff and other factors. However, it is necessary to be updated about the same to best avail its services as per your need. This article tells you about Meijer’s solid 17 to 18 operating hours. Also, find information on exceptions made by the store. 

About Meijer

While many stores are known around the place, there are a few that are interestingly wonderful and yet not so popular. One such store is Meijer, which started way back in 1962. An all-around store selling products right from groceries to appliances and a variety more! Wholesale products, gifts, and much more are all available at Meijer. Not just that, they also offer online shopping, home delivery, and a load of sales and combos just like so many renowned stores. Bed, bath, body, house, kids, and even adults, find almost everything you need at Meijer!

Meijer Working Hours 

With so much to browse and shop from Meijer, you need to know their timings and Meijer working hours! With so much to offer, you can’t have the work for 8 or 10 hours. And rightly so, Meijer operates for a solid 17 to 18 hours, giving you the best of their products and services. These timings vary depending on the type and location of the store. These hours are from 6 am to midnight. Within these hours find most of the stores fresh, open, and at your service for anything you need. Also, note that the fuel service is said to be functioning 24/7 at most Meijer stores. However, there are a few exceptions to certain stores which are mentioned below.


Certain Meijer stores do not function till midnight for various reasons. These function only for 17 hours and close one hour earlier than the rest. Meijer working hours are from 6 am to 11 pm. The stores at the following locations function as per this timing. 

  • Orland Park 
  • Evergreen Park 
  • Illinois 
  • Detroit
  • Michigan 
  • Wisconsin 

Meijer Express 

There may be multiple or only a few stores following these hours in the states mentioned above. However, on a larger scale, these hours may be considered in these places. 

There is something called Meijer Express at selected stores. This facility allows customers to choose from a variety of groceries, beauty products, and more and have them directly delivered to their vehicles in the Meijer parking lot. It is a form of online shopping that you can do at the store to avoid the hassle of getting a cart and going all over the store and waiting in long lines. 

This service too has hours of its own and does not entirely function as per the store hours. The Meijer Express functions from 8 am to 10 pm. This is generally a fixed set of hours as this facility is available at very few stores. 


Considering holidays, festive seasons, and other factors, these timings are bound to change on and off. However, as per the policy and rule, these timings are standard. Genuinely, these timings seem ideal for customers and are flexible to fit the schedule of any too. Therefore, the slight changes may not be a hassle. Head to your nearest Meijer store and get all that you need!


  • Is the timing of Meijer the same across all stores?

As mentioned in the article, the standard timing of Meijer stores is from 6 am to midnight. However, a few states function only from 6 am to 11 pm. These timings are more or less similar and seldom change due to external factors. 

  • Do employees have to stay back longer than regular hours at Meijer?

It is natural for employees to come in earlier to set up and leave after cleaning up the stores. Given that Meijer hours are not the regular 12 hours but 17 to 18 hours, it is a long schedule. However, it is only natural that employees may have to come in early and leave later as per their duties and the requirement of the store.

Meijer Working Hours 2022

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