How Much do Waitr Drivers Make?

The online food delivery system has come a long way. A decade ago it was only limited to eateries such as a pizza shop. But now the diversity of the food available online has become quite vast as people have gone technological and this has helped to reduce the distance and has become more time-consuming. One such online food ordering application is ‘Waitr’. This online food delivery system was originated in the United States of America and is very prominent there. Chris Meaux with the help of McNeese State University created the application in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the year 2008. Let’s understand, how much do Waitr drivers make?

How Much do Waitr Drivers Make?

How much do Waitr drivers make? 

As this is an online delivery system, the involvement of a delivery person is of course a must. But, how much do Waitr drivers make? Back in the day when the company was fresh and the business was booming, the drivers used to get paid on an hourly basis. On average, a Waitr delivery person will get an amount of $19.40 per hour.

But in recent times, this hourly payment system has changed. It is more of a contractual system now. This means that they are responsible for their own expense in terms of gas and taxes. The company is not responsible for their expenses except for their salary. So even if the average income of a Waitr delivery person is $19.40 per hour, the other factors such as the distance of delivery, getting tips, etc are also responsible. And whatever the income they receive, a portion has to be deducted for taxes and any other related expenses. 

Payment system – 

Waitr company does not allow you to pay in cash. You cannot pay the complete amount in cash and it has to be conducted through an online medium. So therefore the delivery person is not associated with any amount of cash in the whole process. However, the only time the delivery person will be associated with cash is when you tip him/her. 

Tipping – 

As the money a delivery person makes is not too much, you can surely tip your delivery person if you are satisfied with the service. The company does hold any control over the tipping a delivery person receives, So whatever you pay them, is 100% accountable to the delivery people and the company will not intervene in any possible way. 

Tipping is usually expected from the client as Waitr does not really pay for other tools such as gas for transportation. 

Delivery fee – 

The company’s delivery fee graph went high and low throughout its existence. To compete with other existing companies, Waitr Inc. often reduces the delivery fee. 

Currently, the delivery fee is $5, and considering its previous acts, it is likely to change once again in the future. 

Transportation cost – 

When it comes to food services, the pressure of submitting a pleasurable service becomes very intense. The food has to reach you in a desirable content. The company can serve you cold and bland food. So the delivery people act as a key role in this matter. But what about their transportation cost? Do they pay for the gas or the company provides the money? 

Unfortunately, the delivery drivers are supposed to pay for their own gas and transportation cost. This has been a matter of great concern and distress among the delivery people of Waitr Inc. and other companies as well. Even the vehicle’s cost is not a matter of concern for the company. Therefore whatever the delivery person earns, a good chunk of that money goes to transportation costs such as gas and vehicular repairs. It significantly affects their income. 

The pay per hour – 

The pay of a delivery person will vary. The pay and other facilities are different for a contractual-based driver and that of a regular employee of Waitr. 

The actual employees of the Waitr company will get paid on an hourly basis which will range from $18 and $30 per hour, additional tips plus the bonuses provided by the company.

On the other hand, the independent works or the contractual-based worker’s pay is slightly different. 

The contractual workers do not get the facilities of bonuses from the company. They are restricted to the base fare and tips only. 

Overall the pay of the delivery people of Waitr company is not too high. It is enough to cover the basic expenses of day-to-day life but it cannot be taken up as a regular job as the pay will not surpass more than a hundred dollars. Although the pay is not very high the company still provides its original employees with bonuses and incentives for its workers and still maintains competition among others in the market.

How Much do Waitr Drivers Make?

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