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Whether it’s time to begin work, go to a party, you’ve had a baby, or whatever the occasion be, one of the activities one does at all times is shop. Fashion begins with yourself but it defines you from how you’re able to set a sense of design around you. Various companies and products are evolving with the dynamic standards of today. Moreover, the way of shopping and the way to shop is also simultaneously changing. 


We indeed shop more for direct items like clothing, shoes, and more. However, homeware, furniture, and other things also shape our style altogether. One of the go-to places is the all-round stores where you can effortlessly get all you need. This article tells you about such a store, Myer, and its return policy. All you need to know is if you wish to return a product whether it’s a t-shirt or makeup, find details in this article.

About Myer

Myer is one of the stores where you get almost everything you need for yourself and others too. This means men, women, and even kids. Find everything that suits your style here. Whether it’s for achoo, office, or a cooking spree at home, Myer has it all. Clothing, shoes, jackets, bridal stuff, perfumes, accessories, and much more are offered by Myer. They also have sportswear, toys, and a good section for gifting. Home products are another thing you want to try from Myer. Their focus lies in both comfort and quality. Myer gives you only what you like and what you want. For any of your basic shopping or even formal needs, head to Myer!

Myer return policy 

The general idea is that you decide that you want to return a product and do so within 30 days after the purchase has been made. You may make returns via mail, using their partner company ‘Parcel point’, or go personally to your nearest store too. 

Firstly you need to check whether your product is eligible for return at Myer. This can be done via the list provided on Myer’s website under ‘ returns’. If it is, you may click on the return option and begin your return process. For items that have to be shipped, you have to use the ‘Parcel point’ method which will be available in the options. Once that is done, a form will be provided with the necessary details to be filled in. You will receive details regarding the shipment and will also receive labels to be put on your order and to be kept with you. Next, drop your parcel at any parcel point location or via the guidelines you receive. You should receive your refund within 30 working days once your order has been received. 

In-store returns 

The in-store return process is simple. Just walk into the store you purchased your product from and present the necessary receipts. You should receive your refund once the time has been accepted as a return.

Terms & conditions 

The following terms and conditions apply to Myer’s return policy:

  • The maximum size must be a total of 120 (l/b/h)
  • The limit for returning any product is 10kgs
  • Good over the above limits may be termed as big and bulky. These products may have a special courier service or may not be returnable depending on the product 
  • Goods must be in a new, undamaged condition
  • Items from clearance or certain sales may not be returnable
  • Change of mind policy applies only to certain products 

Change of mind return policy 

There is a change of mind policy offered on limited products at Myer. You can return a product if you aren’t satisfied with it. This policy follows the same guidelines and rules as the basic return policy. The only difference is the products that are validated under this policy. To know whether your product is eligible for a change of mind return policy, visit Myer’s web page and check the change of mind return policy. An extra fee is charged for change of mind returns apart from the general shipping and other charges, if any. 


Myer’s return policy is pretty lenient and well-defined rather than others. Find any additional information you may need on the official website. Shop your heart out with a feasible and easy policy like that of Myer’s!


  • Can I return an item via another mail service?

Having partnered with Myer, Parcel point is the ideal and recommended service to use for returns. There are no guidelines regarding any other service. Moreover, Parcel point applies lesser charges than other couriers due to their partnership. 

  • How are refunds given back?

Refunds are given back to Myer via the original payment method. If you’ve used gift cards, you may either receive another gift card of the same amount or you may receive store credit. These cannot be changed to cash.

Myer Return Policy

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