Amazon Prime Cancellation Policy 


Here we will see about the Amazon Prime Cancellation Policy

As most of us know, the amazon prime account subscription can be monthly or yearly. If you are a customer who does not utilize all of the benefits that tag along with a prime account, it might seem like a deadweight. This will lead to what all unhappy customers do and that is, looking into canceling your amazon prime account. It might not be a cakewalk canceling a prime subscription, but the steps to be followed along with the benefits explored.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Policy

Be it a free trial or a paid subscription canceling a prime subscription is possible at any time. The refunds that are approved, be it a partial refund or a full refund will depend upon the prime benefits used by the customer. If you are looking into canceling, go through the benefits used. Contact Amazon customer service to receive clarification on the refund. In case you had made the payment for the prime account using a third party, make sure to contact the third party for the cancellation. If this does not work out, you can make an application for a refund by visiting the prime account.

Cancellation policy of Amazon Prime:

The conditions of cancellation of a Prime subscription can get a little tricky if one does not meet the criteria mentioned in the terms and conditions mentioned by the company. This is why it is always necessary to go through it, read it thoroughly, and, if possible, contact Amazon support regarding the same.

 If you are a prime member who got converted from a free trial you will be eligible for a full refund within 3 days of this conversion provided that you have not used any of the benefits offered during the prime subscription. The status of the refund will depend on the benefits used. It might be a partial refund depending on the benefits used.

To receive clarification, one can reach out to Amazon support on 1-(888)280-4331. The case of being eligible for a partial refund will solely depend on the benefits used by a customer during the period of subscription. This will also include free shipping on selected items, deals, and discounts on selected items.

If you are a free-trial user, you can cancel the subscription by visiting the amazon accounts. For a prime member, the cancellation can be done by visiting the prime account and going to the accounts and lists options.

Cancelation of Prime Subscription :

Follow the steps below to cancel your Amazon Prime account:

  • Visit Amazon prime and select ‘accounts and lists’ from the three parallel lines. 
  • Select prime membership and this will take you to another option. 
  • Go to manage membership and click on end membership. 
  • Once this option is selected you will be taken to a different page. On this page select ‘cancel my benefits’. 
  • Once the option is selected, there will be several pop-ups and pages asking the confirmation of the cancellation of a prime account. Make sure to click on the cancel option. 
  • Once this step is completed the status of your refund (if you are eligible for one) will be updated within 3-5 days. 
  • If the reason for cancellation is mentioned, ensure to mention the same if you are contacted by the customer support team from Amazon. This must be similar to the reason mentioned during the cancellation on the website on the application. For a free trial, this is not necessary. You can also check on the refund status via mail or by visiting the account.

Amazon Prime account and the Benefits :

As mentioned before, the prime account can be a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. As of 2021, a monthly subscription is $12.99 per month. For a yearly subscription, it will come up to $119. For students, there is a discount on the price of the subscription of a prime account. It will be $6.49 per month for student accounts.

The benefits of a prime account are as follows. As mentioned in the ad there will be free shipping and delivery. This will include the 2-days shipping for selected items and the 2 hour delivery for groceries. The groceries ordered will be delivered within 2 hours on the same day right at your doorstep.

There are streaming benefits that will cover Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, Audible, and Kindle. The benefits for Kindle and Audible will be for the content available.

Apart from this, Prime members can access exclusive deals and discounts on selected items.

Conclusion :

If you are not sure about going forward with a yearly subscription try out a monthly subscription and observe whether it is working out for you. Getting a prime account is not a cheap affair and, this is why it is important to see whether it is working out for you. The benefits that have been included in a prime account are mouth-watering but expensive. And as mentioned before make sure to visit the official Amazon website and view the cancellation policy and thoroughly study the same if you decide to go forward with it.


Is there a price charged for canceling amazon prime?

No. There is no termination fee quoted for the cancellation of a Prime membership.

Is it possible to cancel prime after a free trial?

It is advisable to cancel the account once you are done setting up the free trial so it does not cross over to the prime membership duration.

Is a free trial available after canceling Prime?

Yes. You can access the benefits in a free trial until it expires after cancellation.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Policy 

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