Is Trinny London cruelty-free?


Skincare, health and wellness, beauty, and such terms are valuable to us. We go beyond means to nourish and replenish ourselves. Not only is it a form of taking care of ourselves but also finding the good to pamper and refresh us. With the many kinds of products available today, this process has become effortless. Moreover, with the many opinions to choose from, we can go all out and pick what we want. Not just brands but also ingredients are diverse leading to a number of options to pick from. With today’s dynamism coupled with a concern for mother nature, there has been a significant change in the ingredients used by many companies. Organic, vegan, natural, these are some terms that you may have heard on the rise. Rightly, there is the considerate and careful use of resources to continue to give you the best. 


Among the healthy options that we pick for ourselves, be it skincare or cosmetics, there is one big banner to look for. Whether or not the products are cruelty-free has a big impact on us, the company, and nature itself. Many brands have shifted to using cruelty-free and organic ingredients. Naturally, customers have also shifted to the same. The toxic and chemical-created products have been reduced. This article looks at Trinny London’s products from a glance. Their brand too is a cruelty-free one. Find out more as you read.

About Trinny London 

Think makeup but healthy. Think further, natural and elegant. And again, skincare with makeup, we’re talking Trinny London. Started by Trinny Woodwalls back in 2017, the main idea is to give women confidence along with the look they want. Wanting to get rid of heavy makeup bags, the company came up with a range of skincare and makeup combined products to give an effortless and natural look at all times. They focus on glitter and color along with nourishment. Therefore, you will find products like lip fillers and also de-stressing serums. Not just that, they also have gifts and accessories in the skin and makeup category for you to share their creation with those you love! 

Is Trinny London Cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free, as we are aware, refers to the prohibition of using animals or parts of animals as ingredients in products. It also refers to avoiding testing on animals. While this was a regular and popular practice a few years ago, it was stopped by quite a few countries. On a note of that, many brands, especially skin and cosmetics have shifted to a cruelty-free policy. They now do not use any products that have to do with animals or animal parts. 

Trinny London is among the brands that proudly stands as cruelty-free. They have put it out that they do not use any animals or animal parts as ingredients in any of their products. Moreover, they have also stated that they do not test and experiment on animals either. Additionally, they mentioned that they avoid business with those not under the cruelty-free ideal as well. While this is highly great for the company, it has also led to much customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many customers are against brands practicing animal cruelty and shift to different companies. However, no worries for Trinny London as their products are natural and cruelty-free.

Their ingredients include natural ones as well as certain acids in professional quantities that are safe and recommended for the skin. These include iron oxide, Tridecyl, Glycerin, Hydrogenated wax, Acetate among others. There are various ingredients clubbed together to create a variety of products. However, one may be assured that each of these at Trinny London is cruelty-free


Trinny London products are cruelty-free. However, Trinny London uses other ingredients like beeswax, natural flower extracts, and so on. If you have issues like allergies or don’t use certain kinds of products, it’s best to check the ingredients before purchasing.


  • Is Trinny London vegan?

While some products at Trinny London are vegan, not all are. Trinny London is 100% cruelty-free but not 100% vegan. They use products like beeswax and so on. Therefore, make sure you mention you’d like vegan products and check the ingredients of the same before purchase. 

  • Does Trinny London SPF cream have cetyl alcohol?

Yes, it does. The BFF SPF 30 cream from Trinny London has Cetyl alcohol as one of its ingredients. There are many other products using the same. It is ideal to check your product to find out what ingredients are used. 

  • Does Trinny London have a skin perfector?

Yes. Trinny London is known for its BFF SPF skin perfector which is available in 4 to 5 shades. To find out more about shades and ingredients, visit their website.

  • Where is the Trinny London store in America?

There is a Trinny London store in New York at John Barrett. For timings and other details, visit the website!

Is Trinny London cruelty-free?

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