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Walmart Inc., founded in the year 1962, is a multinational company of American origin that runs a chain of departmental stores and supermarkets all over the world. Headquartered in Bentonville, the company is the world’s largest in terms of revenue generated and the number of employees hired. Initially started as a chain of physical stores, Walmart has adapted to the recent technological advancements by buying stakes in different online stores and even, inaugurating their online stores. Walmart has been a part of the Fortune Global 500 list since 2001, and occupies the numero uno position in the rankings, with the annual revenue generated in the last financial year being $540 billion. 

Walmart has a huge collection of products in every category, and bakery items are no exception to that. One can choose from a wide selection of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and pastry cakes available at a Walmart store. Walmart also takes customized baking orders for someone’s special occasions provided the order is given well in advance.

Types of cakes available at Walmart:

Walmart has a bakery section of its own and as such, a wide variety of cakes are available at the company. Cakes of different sizes and flavors are available. The different flavors include chocolate, orange, strawberry, mixed fruit, choco-lava, etc. Muffins, pastries and even, mini cupcakes are being made at Walmart’s bakery.

Additionally, Walmart also receives orders for customized cakes for someone’s special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, job celebrations, etc. to name a few. The only disadvantage, in this case, is that Walmart takes a lot of time, usually 1 week, to process orders for the customized cakes.

Review of cakes at Walmart:

Walmart’s bakery has received positive reviews from the users and the cakes are known to be healthy and very delicious indeed. Additionally, the prices are very affordable and quite cheap as compared to the leading bakeries in the US. There have been occasional reviews of the product being not up to mark in terms of taste, and customers can claim for a refund/replacement if the adequate standards are not met by the product. 

Price of cakes at Walmart:

Walmart offers a variety of choices in each category of cakes from which the customers can choose their final item. The prices of cakes vary according to the size, topping, ingredients used for making, brand, etc. The wide range of choices ensures that no one is left dissatisfied with the items available. 

The average price of a fruit cake at a Walmart store is $5.98, while that for chocolate cakes is around $9. These are the prices of normal-sized cakes and naturally, the cupcakes cost much less, with their average prices being somewhere around $2. The prices of pastry cakes vary according to the flavors and the type of cream used. The average price is again around $10. Walmart offers special discounts from time to time and the prices are greatly slashed during these periods of sale.


In this article, we have seen all the necessary details about different types of cakes that are available at Walmart. The prices of the cakes are quite low and the products are good enough. If one is not looking for anything fancy, but for a cake that meets the requirements, then, Walmart might be the perfect destination for him/her. The customer service of Walmart allows consumers to talk to the representatives of the company in case of any complaints, and they are resolved as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked on the internet for the most asked questions about Walmart and the cakes being sold by the company. In this section, a few of these questions have been answered.

Question. What is the return policy for bakery products purchased from Walmart?

Walmart offers free returns on all of its products provided that the original bill is provided. A customer can opt to return a product within 30 days of the original purchase with the original receipt and the item being unopened. Walmart does not charge any extra cost for returning the products. Customers have the option of choosing either online or offline methods to return a product to Walmart and the refund will be accredited to the bank account within a few working days, usually not more than three. 

Question. Does Walmart sell frozen cakes?

The answer to this question would be a yes. The cakes at Walmart stores already come in baked and are frozen at sub-zero temperatures to maintain their freshness. The person at the store just adds the finishing touches on what is already a pre-baked, frozen cake. In case, someone wants to order a fresh cake from the bakery, he/she can always choose to order a customized cake for the occasion. This is a reason why customized cakes usually cost more.

Walmart Cakes

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