Pottery barn return policy


All the home decor shops and online sites pop into our minds when we think of giving a new look to our house. From new furniture to new flower vases. From new lights to new art pieces, everything adds to the look of a house. Hence, it is important to imagine how we want our house to look. The next step is to change the furniture, curtains, and wall color. As the big things are over, it’s time to add the frills. There are many art pieces, home decoration items that will add charm to your refurbished house. Pottery Barn provides a wide range of home decor items for people to choose from as per their house’s theme. Moreover, it is not just the variety of products that makes Pottery Barn stand out among its counterparts. Its easy to return policy is another USP of the company.

Pottery barn return policy

The company allows its customer to return any of the products from which they are not fully satisfied. Customers can return all the eligible items within 30 days. In case of items purchased from Quick Shop upholstery items, customers have to return the item within a week of their purchase.


Founded in 1949 by Paul Seacon and Morris, the company started only with three barns of pottery items. As of now, the company is a leading brand in home furnishing. Its chain is spread across the USA, Canada, and other countries.


  • Items purchased from the Pottery Barn store can be returned within 30 days of their purchase.
  • It is also possible to return it at a UPS location. While returning it to a store, make sure to take the item, fully packed, like it was bought in the beginning. 
  • It is important to take the purchase receipt with you. After that, any salesperson of the store will guide you to continue the whole process.
  • You have to select a location for returning the item through UPS. To do that, visit the Pottery Barn’s website.
  • The next step is to choose the Pottery Barns Return option. After a little bit of scrolling the option of ‘Start Return Process(for UPS drop off)’ will be visible. Either select ‘Purchased Item’ or ‘Received as a gift.
  • If you choose the purchased item, fill in the order number and zip code. For gifted items, add your name in the ‘Gift recipient’ box and enter the order number as well as zip code. 
  • As the result shows, confirm your return order and drop off the item at the selected UPS location.


If the returned order is purchased by you and you have its original receipt as well, then the amount will be refunded to your account. However, things are not direct for the gift recipients. In this case, the company chooses to refund the amount as a Merchandise Credit. The company will issue a check on the recipient’s name. Checks can be issued for the refund of the amount above $100. You will get the check within 14 days. The upper limit of refundable amount through merchandise credit is $10,000. If the amount exceeds the limit, then the company will issue Merchandise Credit worth $10000 and mail it to you. The remaining amount will be sent via another Merchandise credit check. The company doesn’t refund the delivery fees.


There is not much information available about the Pottery Barn’s Exchange Policy on its website. However, it is easier to return for the people who have purchased the product from the store. It is just, they have to visit the shop with the properly packed item and its purchase receipt and ask for the feasible option. In case of online purchase, it would be better to contact the online customer care service, to know about the available options. If there is no option found, then go for returning the order and purchasing a new one.  


Pottery Barn is one of the best places to shop for home decor items. In addition to that, it is easy to return policy leaves multiple options for the customer even after purchase. Its policy varies from the mode of purchase, ie online or in-store. The repayment method also varies if you have got the Pottery Barn item as a gift. Then the repayment is done in the form of checks. There are ambiguities related to its exchange policy. However, people can contact customer care or directly to the staff of Potter Barn shop to understand the Exchange Policy.


Q. What is the Pottery Barn’s Customer Care Service number?

Ans. You can simply dial 18887795176, to ask all your queries.

Q. Is every item bought from Pottery Barn included in its Return Policy?

Ans. No, certain items are not included in the Pottery Barn’s Return Policy. Hence, it is advised to be cautious at the time of shopping from the store. Customers cannot return items like Mattress Gift cards, Items that are made on order, custom rugs, furniture bought from Final Sale, and other Monogrammed items.

Pottery barn return policy

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