Is Jurlique Cruelty-Free?- Do Jurlique Make Vegan Beauty Products?

Is Jurlique Cruelty-Free?


The company, Jurlique is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers and make-up selling industries of Australia. The company was first started as a foundation manufacturer. Although, today, the company produces a wide range of make-up and beauty products like foundations, different shades of lipsticks, eye shadows, perfumes, and many more. Let’s know ‘Is Jurlique Cruelty-Free?’

The company is best known to manufacture original and loose mineral foundations for all skin types. It is known to bring revolution in the beauty and make-up industry. Jurlique started a new trend of clean and good skin products. The maximum skincare and make products manufactured by the company are vegan, gluten-free, without any synthetic fragrances, and completely natural. These suit all skin types.

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Cruelty-free is a widely used term, which means that a particular product is not tested or used on any animal. It is a highly practiced process in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. Most of the time, it is mentioned on the packaging of that product, whether it is cruelty-free or not. If the ingredients used in making that product are tested on animals, then that product is not cruelty-free. 

The animals like rabbits, birds, monkeys, cats, and dogs are taken in this process. Although this process is banned in many countries and declared illegal, some companies follow these practices of testing their products on animals. It is necessary to manufacture and purchase cruelty-free products both by the consumer and the producer. It is because when the products are tested on the sensitive skin of animals, it causes harmful effects. This type of testing leads to skin infection and other skin problems. It can even cause the death of many animals.


One way to figure out that the products and items manufactured by the company are cruelty-free is to check its packaging box. All the companies that claim to be cruelty-free manufacturers are certified by the authorized institutions of that country. It contains a doodle image of a rabbit that appears happy to the viewer. Since rabbits are widely used in testing cosmetic products by companies, the image of a rabbit is printed to show that it is not tested on any animal.


Jurlique has its branches in many different countries around the globe. Products like shampoos, hair serums, foundations, beauty creams, and many more have international consumers and buyers. Some countries like China and Russia have legalized testing products on animals. However, countries like Australia, Colombia, India, Israel, and many more have passed laws to minimize this practice. 

The company imports and exports the products or cosmetics while keeping these laws in mind. For example, some countries only accept products tested on animals by professionals in laboratories. However, some countries have banned the sale of products that are not cruelty-free. That is why the company is known to be partially cruelty-free. It means that the company tests its products on animals when required by the law. 

For example, if any country does allow products that are not tested on animals, the company then tests it on rabbits or rats. The company is not 100% cruelty-free. The best example of such a country is China. In mainland China, no cosmetic products, personal hygiene products, shampoos, and many more are not excepted by any seller without testing them on animals. Moreover, countries like India do not allow products that are tested on animals.


The companies that make vegan products do not use any ingredient derived from any animal. Whereas, cruelty-free products are the one that is not tested on animals. The company claims to use natural minerals for manufacturing all its products. These minerals are extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, medicinal trees, and bushes. It does not use any animal’s pigment or milk to make its beauty creams and make-up items. Hence, the products manufactured by the company are not only cruelty-free but also vegan.


Jurlique is an Australian multinational company. It was started in 1985 as a foundation and beauty cream manufacturer. The serums and other products manufactured by the company are sold worldwide. The company is not 100% cruelty-free. The products manufactured by the company are tested on animals when it is required by the laws of a country. 

Many times it is seen that these are tested on animals by any third party to see if the product has any harmful effects or not. All the products that are manufactured by the company, are tested on animals in the laboratories. Although, these tests are done only to satisfy the countries that do not accept cruelty-free cosmetics, creams, serums, or products. Hence, this company is neither a vegan company nor cruelty-free.

Is Jurlique Cruelty-Free?- Do Jurlique Make Vegan Beauty Products?

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