Kenda Tyre Warranty

Here we will see about the Kenda Tyre Warranty

Car tires rarely fail, yet failure may happen for some reason. Are you on the guide for your tyre defect? Owning a warranty can make you be on the safe side.

A manufacturing company provides a warranty for a product to guarantee the product purchased is in a quality state. Many customers are comfortable buying products with a warranty. 

Kenda Tyre Warranty

Nevertheless, a customer is entitled to a warranty but they rarely claim it on a tire product.

Purchasers do not use a warranty, because most purchase a second-hand tire product or they are unable to follow through with processes for the claim. 

Every purchaser/consumer has legal rights to a warranty. Due to location and state law warranty may vary.

Tires purchased directly from manufacturing are intact and safe to use, in situations where it shows defect, a purchaser is privileged to contact the manufacturing company.

Kenda tire company produces quality tires for automobiles, bicycles and trucks in different sizes. Kenda tire provides a warranty for a tire product. Though, warranties are limited. for this reason, considerations are given to those who purchase tire products after 04/01/09. Submission of the tire identification number should be at the department of transportation.

Who can claim a warranty?

Only the original purchaser can claim a warranty. Also, a consumer can reach out to the tire dealer from whom he/she purchase the tire, the tire dealer or retailer can claim a warranty on a tire.

Kenda tire has two types of warranty

  1. Replacement warranty
  2. Treadmill Limited warranty

What Kenda tire replacement warranty cover?

It covers the replacement of defect tire with a new Kenda tire.

What the Kenda tire warranty does not cover?

Replacement will not be made to any of the following conditions

  •  Tires defected due to consumer damages e.g wear out.
  •  Tire malfunction due to improper installation.
  •  Accident and road hazards.
  •  Improper storage of tire
  •  Weather effect on tire performance
  • Tire acquired as used
  • Sold outside the United State of America, District of Columbia and Canada.
  • Improperly repaired
  • Installed on any vehicle other than the vehicle on which they were first installed.

And others listed in the warranty booklet.

What is the Kenda tire replacement warranty? 

A replacement warranty is an access grant to a purchaser that the tire will be replaced. After Kenda tire has discovered it a manufacturing fault. A purchaser might be asked to deposit replacement charges depending on the state of the tire.

How much is the replacement charge

Calculating replacement charges should be transparent to a tire purchaser. It is the multiplication of your original purchase price by the percentage of original tread worn from the tire. Also, other charges such as mounting, balancing, Federal taxes and fees or the acceptance of a higher price are added up.

Where to get a replacement warranty

A replacement warranty is given when a purchaser locates the tire dealer, this can be found on

What is the Treadmill Limited warranty?

Brand affiliated with Kenda tire can own credit for purchasing similar brand tire. These brands are responsible for distribution costs for tire replacement.

To determine distribution cost: (Actual miles driven) ÷ (Amount of warranted miles) X (Actual current dealer selling price)

What Treadmill Limited warranty does cover?

An eligible tire, tire included on the product chart, tire not be driven than warranted miles, tyres that are properly used and maintained, the tire was not installed more than 60months on from purchase date, tire tread is down on the treadwear indicator bars. the tire is used on road surface design for it and it is not used for commercial services.

With the above condition, the brand is considered for treadmill limited warranty claim.

What Kenda tyre warranty invalid.

Warranty is invalid on its expired date (warranty lasts a year after the purchase date). Also when tire condition for warranty claim is not met.

Proper understanding of tire warranty, determine what tire to buy, who to buy from and durability of the tire.

Kenda tire has proven its trust to consumers, by detailing tire warranty claims. Kenda tire is available to serve its, consumers, with quality tire products. Consumer responsibility when making claim is to return the tire to be replaced at the Kenda Tires dealer. Dealer transfer tire to the manufacturing company.

An examination is executed on the tire by a tire expert, a consumer should be expectant on outcomes which may be of various kinds like a total rejection of tire, compensation (tire replacement) or others. A situation where a consumer gets rejection on a complaint arises where a consumer is dishonest about the state of the tire and how he/she has used the product over time. Consumers are expected to be transparent during the transaction for a fair response from Kenda Tire.

For more information about Kenda, tire warranty visit the website or contact telephone number 1-800-225 471 in Consumer Relations Department.

Kenda Tyre Warranty

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