Just Tires Tire Warranty

When we own a vehicle, we want the vehicle to be running in good condition and the quality of tires to be the best. Just Tires Tire Warranty need to be in good shape as the weight of the vehicles, passengers and, goods is supported by them. It should also be able to perform in different weather conditions to minimize the risk of accidents. There are different types of warranty provided on the tires by Just Tires. They are Goodyear Tread Life Limited warranty, Goodyear Highway Auto & Light Truck Tire Replacement Warranty, 30-day GoodYear Pledge.

Just Tires Tire Warranty

Just Tires

Just Tires was started in Chicago in 1991, now it is a retail chain of tires. They provide tires of different brands at the best prices. Their service also includes vehicle maintenance, oil change, brake repair, wheel alignment, repair and replacement of batteries, etc. Just Tires comes under the umbrella of The Goodyear Tire & Service Network. 

Tire Warranties Of Just Tires

Warranty on tires at Just Tires is as follows-

  1. Goodyear Tread Life Limited Warranty

This warranty can be used in case the tire wears off before the expiry of the warranty. Tread Life Limited Warranty period is for six years or up to the mileage mentioned with the type of Tire , whichever is applicable first. Just Tires Tire Warranty expiry period of six years is the same for all the tires but depending upon the type of tire and brand the mileage applicable for warranty is different.

Terms and Conditions for tire replacement under Tread Life Limited Warranty:

  • The limited warranty can be used by the original purchaser and for the only vehicle the tires were originally installed.
  • Original invoice mentioning the mileage of the vehicle when the tires were first installed. 
  • The tires should be evenly worn out up to the 2/32” treadwear mark. The premature worn-out tires are eligible for replacement.
  • You will be charged depending on how early from the mileage of warranty you are getting the tires changed. If you have crossed 50% of mileage from the warranted mileage, then you will be charged 50% of the original tire cost at the time of replacement.
  • Additional costs of mounting, balancing will be added to the bill along with taxes.

Tread Life Limited Warranty will not be applicable if-

  • Tires used in commercial vehicles.
  • Tires are installed in any other vehicle than the originally installed vehicle.
  • Alteration in a tread pattern that was not initially present on tires when purchased.
  • Tires purchased as original equipment.
  1. Highway Auto & Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty

Passenger tires of Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly are covered under this Tire Replacement Limited Warranty. The tire of radial auto, radial light truck, or special trailer can be replaced for free under this warranty. The tires can be replaced in case of fulfilling the warranty conditions only if the tire has been twelve months from the date of purchase or the usable tread is up to 2/32”. 

For highway auto and light truck tires, the replacement will be done if the warranty conditions are met and, tire worn-out is up to the first 1/32” of treadwear. No additional cost of mounting and balancing will be charged.

Temporary spare tires of Goodyear and Dunlop can also be replaced for free if the warranty conditions are fulfilled and the spare tire has only reached 50% of the 1/32” treadwear mark.

If the invoice is missing, the date of manufacturing of the tire will be taken into consideration for eligibility.

The tires that do not fulfill the free replacement conditions can be replaced at prorated charges. This warranty is valid for six years or when the tires get visibly to the 2/32” treadwear mark.

Prorated charges for highway auto & light truck tire replacement are calculated based on how much tire has worn off. If there is a 50% decrease in the usable tread, you will be charged half of the original price of the tire at the time of replacement. The taxes of Federal excise will be included in the bill. 

Comparable tires

Comparable tires are tires that have the same configuration and performance as the previous tires of your vehicle. It will be from the same brand and if the price difference is acceptable to the customer, it can be installed. The same warranty effective at the time of replacement will cover the comparable tires also.

  1. 30 Day Goodyear Pledge

To offer customers a complete satisfaction with their purchase, Just Tires gives a 30 day replacement period on the purchased tires. If you are not satisfied with the tires, replace them with a new Goodyear, Dunlop, or Kelly tires.

For replacement, you will require the tire to be replaced and the original receipt of the tires.

Terms and conditions of the warranty include-

  • Damaged tires and the tires that have been removed from their original vehicle are not accepted for replacement.
  • If the replaced tires are of higher cost, the difference in the cost will be paid by the customer. 
  • Once replaced the tires cannot be replaced again under the 30 day pledge period.
  • The tires can be replaced in the same store the original tires were bought.
  • Only the tires of Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly are eligible under this warranty.


Just Tires is a member of The Goodyear Tire & Service Network. They offer tire warranty on the Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly tires. 

The warranty is for a limited period under which the tires are replaced for free or with prorated charges. Just Tires also provide a 30 day trial period on purchased tires.

Treadwear marks on tires are to examine the condition of tires before replacement.


1 . How many locations do Just Tires have in the US?

JA . ust Tires has 545 operational locations in the US till 2021.

2 . What is the customer care number of Just Tires?

A . You can reach Just Tires through their toll-free number 1–866–582-1579.

3 . What is the warranty period on tires at Just Tires?

A . Six years is the warranty period on tires at Just Tires.

4 . Where is the Just Tires warranty applicable?

A . Just Tires warranty is applicable only in the United States and Canada.

Just Tires Tire Warranty

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