Best Buy Laptop Computer Return Policy


Here we will see about the Best Buy Laptop Computer Return Policy

Best Buy is one of the leading companies in the United States of America and also keeps high regard for customer choices and convenience. They allow for various services such as replacement, return, or repair if you are not completely happy with your purchase. These services are available for laptops and computers purchased through stores. 

Best Buy Laptop Computer Return Policy

If you are having second thoughts about purchasing a laptop or computer recently from best buy then do not worry, you can return the item following Best Buy’s return policy. Read on more to find everything about the return policy.


If you need to return or exchange an item at Best buy, kindly note that practically everything can be returned or exchanged for a full refund within 15 days starting from the day of your purchase. Simply take your item(s) to the best buy store, along with its contents and packing, as well as your proof of purchase.  Activatable devices such as cell phones or tablets can be exchanged within 14 days. Laptops and computers can be exchanged within 15 days. If you are a ‘ My Best Buy Elite ®’ or ‘Elite Plus member’, this return period also applies to you. 


As per Best buy’s return policy, you can return your laptops and computers within 15 days of the purchase. Here are some steps that you have to follow- 

  • Ensure the proper condition of items- The laptop or computer must be in like-new condition when returned. Damaged, unclean, dented, scraped, or missing significant contents items can not be returned. 
  • Returning the product- Gather the items you want to return, as well as the original packing and contents. You can choose any of the following options to return your purchase- 
    • Returns are accepted in-store-Return your purchases to any Best Buy store in the United States to avoid shipping charges and receive a refund faster. Include all of the original packaging and extras and bring your receipt or packing slip. 
    • Returns by mail– Best Buy online purchases can be mailed back to them as long as they were shipped from within the United States. International exchanges are not allowed. 

To return an online purchase through mail:

-Prefer to pack your returns as received by you in the original shipping. All the packing, accessories, and extras should be included. 

-Include the packing slip, return label, a note explaining the reason(s) for return, and any other relevant papers

 -Returns should be sent to Best Buy Returns Center, 600 Park Loop Rd, Suite D, Shepherdsville, KY 40165

  • Refunds and exchanges- Best Buy will pay you for returned things in the same manner as you paid for them. You can also exchange items for any other identical item if you prefer. If you have paid more than $800 in cash for your laptop or computer or $250 by check you will be paid via a check within 10 business days. The same applies to payments made through debit cards without a major credit card logo. Any monies taken from a gift card will be paid back to the card. 


Best buy’s return policy takes well into consideration special requests or any problems that the customers might be facing.  But there have to be certain conditions have to be necessarily fulfilled for the returns such as- 

  • Returns without a proof of purchase– There has to be proof of purchase. In case of absence of the same, the return might be denied or limited if an email address is provided, and state sales taxes and levies will not be refunded.
  • Accessories and Packaging-  If you don’t, Best Buy might either reject your return or accept it with a non-refundable deduction from your refund for anything you didn’t bring.
  • Return the discounts or freebies as well–  If you earned a discount or a free item for purchasing many products at once, you will lose the benefit of return if you do not return all of the items.
  • No Connected Devices- Please ensure that there are no connected devices or cloud accounts.


Best Buy has an all-encompassing return and exchange policy that includes laptops and computers as well. Customers should not hesitate to seek a return if they are not satisfied with the purchase. 


Q1. What to do if I do not have a return label?

If you don’t have a return label, you can print one at the Best buy site by clicking this link.

Q2. What to do if you have used a gift card on the purchase? Can one get a refund for that?

It is alright if you no longer have the gift card. Best buy will issue you a replacement. You have to call 1-800-373-3050 with your order number to get a new gift card.

Q3. Is it possible to return a computer to Best Buy without having a receipt?

Unfortunately, Best Buy has the right to refuse a return if you don’t have a receipt.  There has to be proof of purchase mandatorily. 

Best Buy Laptop Computer Return Policy

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