Does Ideal Image Have Payment Plans?

Here we will see about the Does Ideal Image Have Payment Plans?

With some 150 locations all around the United States and Canada, where 125 are corporate-owned and others are individual locations, Ideal Image is a chain of cosmetic brands that provides affordable services like laser hair removal, fillers, botox, etc., and accessible prices. Intending to provide aesthetic treatments and wellness procedures, Ideal Image envisions the accessibility and effectiveness one must have to gain his/ her ideal image of himself/ herself respectively. They have highly trained medical professionals and experience in conducting numerous, countless non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This is all that contributes to the Ideal Image being the nation’s leading aesthetic brand. A brand since 2001, Ideal Image is now the topmost aesthetic brand in North America.

Does Ideal Image Have Payment Plans?

Now thinking of getting laser hair removal or procedures like botox or getting fillers might seem like it requires a good amount of investment financially, which might put you in a tight spot economically in your daily lives. However, you no longer have to worry about the expenses to get the confident look you want. Ideal Image has got you covered with some exceptional discounts and helpful and suitable payment plans and financing options.

Yes, Ideal Image does have payment plans. With the vision of making personal aesthetics and wellness more accessible and effective for everyone at affordable prices, Ideal Image has kept in consideration the fact that the cost of the aesthetic treatments might result in some tight financial issues for many. And hence, it provides all its customers with appropriate and suitable offers, including facilities like spreading the total cost over a period of time to lessen the burden and on-site credit with 0% interest.

Payment Plans And Other Features Provided By Ideal Image

  • 1.To provide payment plans convenient for every client, an Ideal Image consultant works with you to choose the best monthly payment plan that would best suit your budget. Now without being financially burdened, people can opt for their well-being and treatment for the same.
  • 2.No amount is charged like the initiation fees, credit check, or any other sort of hidden charges.
  • 3.New clients are pre-qualified in 60 seconds. And their credits are impacted in no way.
  • 4.Any financing option is processed immediately, and hence there is no delay in the treatment and its procedures.
  • 5.A special lifetime guarantee membership to help you save up to $750 on your wellness treatment.
  • 6.Gift cards to surprise the ones you love and care about. 

Payment Methods

  • Ideal Image accepts most other credit cards, including the VISA card, Discover, and Mastercard.

Services Offered By Ideal Image

  • Laser hair removal: Get unwanted hair removed for good

Benefits of laser hair removal at Ideal Image → Treatments average just under 30 minutes, no more irritation, stubble, or bumps, affordable treatment, free consultation, and personalized treatment plans with top licensed medical professionals.

  • Cool Sculpting: Trim or cut out the extra fat off your body without surgery.

Benefits of CoolSculpting at Ideal Image → FDA Cleared, natural results, comfortable and convenient.

  • Cool tone: Get a flatter stomach, tighter buttocks, and firmer thighs

Benefits of Cool Tone at Ideal Image → Clinically proven, non-invasive, no recovery time required, FDA Cleared.

  • Botox & Fillers: Restore the youthful and confident look
  • Ultherapy & Skin lifting: Get your skin lifted and tightened up without any surgery
  • IPL Photofacial: Clearer and brighter skin
  • Skin Lab
  • Skin Care Products: Enhancing the treatment


  • What kind of laser does Ideal Image use for laser treatment?

As per requirement, the Ideal image uses different lasers. That is, for effective treatment, the brand uses a specific YAG laser for dark skin, while for lighter skin types, they use the Alexandrite laser.

  • Is treatment at Ideal Image permanent?

Although they claimed the hair removal to be permanent, which certainly is, they also provide a lifetime guarantee membership for treated areas. Technically, laser hair removal lasts at least two years, and further treatment follow-ups will be required to keep it maintained and hairless forever.

  • Are there any side effects of Ultherapy?

The patient might notice some redness after an hour of treatment or so, and a minority of them might experience a swelling, tingling sensation, and tenderness to touch. Still, there are no permanent or life-threatening side effects. These are all mild and temporary.

  • Why should I choose Ideal Image?

Being number 1 in North America, with the best medical professionals and technology, Ideal Image is a reliable place for these sorts of aesthetic treatments. Also, the availability of the company through various virtual platforms and the interaction and consultation they provide at such platforms make it easy and convenient. Hence Ideal Image is a good choice.


With Ideal Image and its suitable financing and payment plans, you can achieve your dream of a perfect look. You need not worry about the expenses to get the aesthetic appearance you wish and maintain your wellness. Get the procedure you want to be done at affordable prices to spread the cost over time using the amazing payment plans available.

Does Ideal Image Have Payment Plans?

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