Does La-z-Boy Have Payment Plans?

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Furnishing your dream house can be expensive but there are many brands to provide finance in the furniture. 

Does La-z-Boy Have Payment Plans?

La-z-boy offers many finance options that include gallery store credit cards, affirm loan services, sale loans, personal loans, and  0% APR credit cards.

At La-z-boy home furnishing and decor, 33% of customers finance their furnishing purchasing. 

Overview of La-z-boy 

La-z-boy is an American brand known for furniture manufacturing and retailing. They offer a wide variety of sofas, sleeper sofas, stationary chairs, beds, lift chairs, side tables, loveseats,  and chairs. The company holds patents for almost 300 different designs and styles of furniture. The company was founded in 1927 by A.J.lefcourt  and has headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, US. 

The annual revenue of the La-z-boy is the US $ 1.70 billion (2020). 

La-z-boy payment methods 

If one is interested in furnishing their dream house but does not have much savings for it, one can easily purchase the furniture from La-z-boy by their different payments. 

La-z-boy offers gallery credit cards as furniture finance and payment methods. These cards are used in finance to purchase furniture with no interest. 

Some important conditions related to the store credit cards; 

-No annual fees

-Return fees $28 

-Late payment can cost up to $39. 

-No expiration date 

-Special offers for cardholders

One can pay no interest on finance when the purchasing amount is equal to the 12 months. After that period interest charges may rise to 27.9%. 

According to your credit, you can apply for the card, you must have to meet the minimum requirement of the gallery credit card. 

-One can apply at nearby La-z-boy or online at Home Furniture: Living Room & Bedroom Furniture | La-Z-Boy through synchrony bank. You’ll have to provide financial information like monthly income and credit. 

-Set up your credit card with the synchrony bank where you can make the payments. 

One can check the status of the account by following these steps; 

-Make payment

-View balance 

-Update your account

-Schedule your payment for the future 12 months

How to make payment on the La-z-boy credit card? 

There are few methods by which one can make payment to the La-z-boy gallery credit card; 

-Pay online 

-By phone- contact Synchrony bank at 1-844-335-5909 for processing. 

-By mama mail your payment to the address; 

Synchrony bank

PO BOX 960061

Orlando, FL 32869-0061

2. Affirm loan service

One can purchase the home furnishing also via affirming loan services. 

-Download the affirm app. 

-Add La-z-boy to purchase the cart. 

-Add payment and select the affirm monthly payments.

-Fill in the details for credit approval. 

-Place the down payment.

3. Personal loans

You can check and compare the personal loans and can purchase your dream furniture. The borrowing limit of personal loans can be $1000 to $50,000. 

These are unsecured loans so that your credit can be heavily loaded. You have to submit a hard credit check when you apply for the loan. 

4. 0%APR credit card 

If one has strong credit, one must apply for the 0% APR credit card. The offers no interest charges for the 18 months on an APR credit card. The buyers can repay their loan in the scheduled time that can be in the 0% APR. 

Not all can qualify for the 0% APR credit card.

How to take benefits from interest-free loans within time?   

If you have applied for interest-free finance, you will receive a credit card from the company to make the payment. There are some tips so that you can pay off your payment on time with 0% interest. 

-Set automatic payment for each month to avoid the high-interest rate after the promotion period ends. 

-Take your time to set up the monthly payment and divide it by the number according to the credit for interest-free loans. 

Why is La-z-boy furniture so expensive? 

La-z-boy is quite expensive because they use the top quality raw material and give high-quality furniture. La-z-boy thousands of employees and best handicraft workers that need high labor costs. This adds high production with high labor costs. That’s why La-z-boy furniture is expensive. 

They grab their top raw materials and fibers from Scotland and China. They also provide a lifetime warranty on their products that offers the repairing, replacement of fabric if damaged accidentally. They get all positive ratings that make the brand expensive. The La-z-boy is a totally America based company and designed customized furniture that automatically increases the prices of their products. 


La-z-boy is a trusted name in America where one can get high-quality furniture and even handcraft customized. They also offer many financing options to make the brand more unique. If one is interested in furnishing their dream house but does not have much savings for it, one can easily purchase the furniture from La-z-boy by their different payments. They also offer a 0% interest rate up to 36 months on their loans. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Is La-z-boy going to be closed? 

Ans- La-z-boy just closed the US manufacturing temporarily but will restart in 2020. 

  1. How much time does it take a La-z-boy to deliver the furniture? 

Ans- It may take approximately 60 days to deliver the furniture. 

  1. Do they offer free delivery for orders? 

Ans- If your order is more than $999, they offer free delivery.

Does La-z-Boy Have Payment Plans?

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