Dynamite Return Policy

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Dynamite offers a 30 days return or exchange policy. One has to return the product within 30 days of purchasing. If days have gone by, they don’t provide any refund or exchange policy for any products. One can return or exchange on all their online orders. Dynamite doesn’t offer any return or exchange policy on the COD products. 

Dynamite Return Policy

Overview of Dynamite

Dynamite Clothing is a Canadian clothing company for women providing apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company was founded in 1984 and has its headquarter in Montreal, Canada. Dynamite clothing stores always try to satisfy their customers fully. If one is not, one can return or exchange the product and can get a full refund. Dynamite accepts returns by in-store visits or by mail. 

Return or exchange policy at Dynamite clothing store

Return policy

Dynamite offers a 30 days return policy. The products you are returning must be unused, unwashed, and in the same condition while purchasing them. All the tags must be in the original packaging. To get a refund, one must carry the original purchasing receipt with the order number. 

When the project is received in the store, the company will send the confirmation mail that either your return product will get a refund or not. 

If your product is approved for refund one will get their refund in five to seven days. Credit will automatically be added to your card and a refund will be issued via the same method of payment during purchasing the product. 

If you haven’t received a refund, check your account or contact the credit card company, it may take some time in the refund process. 


The product must be defect-free for return, and if you get defective products or in the incorrect size, the product may be exchanged or replaced. 


One must tag the return number to their products. Return numbers would be supplied by the company. If you haven’t returned the number with the product, it will not be refunded or returned. 

The company will deduct the return shipping cost from the refund. It will take time according to your location for exchange. 

If you are shipping a return of the product worth more than $50, you must take tracking service or insurance for the product. The company will not take any responsibility or guarantee to receive the product. Shipping charges are not refundable. 

Some important facts while returning or exchanging the product in Dynamite; 

-Only regular items will get a refund, sales products can’t be refunded.

-Gift recipients are not eligible for any exchange or refunds. 

-Perfumes, earrings, beauty & healthcare, swimwear, or undergarments can not be returned or refundable. If you get a defective product, then it may get exchanged. 

-Leggings, belts, socks, and other clothing with all tags in original packaging, unused, and unwashed may be refundable.

-If your order consists of both products of Dynamite and garage banners, they must be returned or exchanged separately at their respective stores. The Dynamite product must be returned to Dynamite and the garage product must be returned to the garage store. 

How to exchange the Dynamite product via an in-store visit? 

One can exchange or return the product either via an in-store visit or by mail. 

-First head to the nearby dynamite store. 

-One must bring the original purchase receipt with the product.

-One must keep in mind that the product you are going to return must be unwashed, unused, or in its original condition with all its tags at its original place.

-One can ask the employees about the return process, and they will proceed with all their refunds or exchange. They will refund via your original method of payment while purchasing. 

How to return the Dynamite products via mail? 

One can make the return exchange on their only online orders, Dynamite doesn’t offer any exchange or return policies on their COD orders. If one wants to return or exchange via mail just follow these steps; 

-First, log in to your account and select the order from your profile history and fill in the reason code. 

-Fill out the tracking form and select ‘Print Return label’. 

-Attach the return label print with your package and pack the product in its original packaging if possible. Drop it for the courier to the Dynamite Store.

Important note- If you are returning more than one order, the print return label must attach to each product. 

-You’ll receive the confirmation mail on the package received in the store and mail of approval or rejection of the refund. You will get your full refund after 7 to 10 days on the original method of email while purchasing. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Dynamite offer free return labels? 

Ans- Yes, Dynamite offers a free return label. To find it visit the official website of Dynamite Dynamite Clothing and complete the form. The company will provide a free return label. 

  1. What is eligibility for same-day delivery? 

Ans- Order should be made before 3 p.m. and delivery must be at the location between 13 to 15 km radius. One must choose the ‘same-day delivery option while making an order. The same-day delivery may cost $10. 

  1. When can one receive a refund? 

Ans- It approximately may take 10 days depending upon your credit. You may also contact your credit company about your refund processing. 

Dynamite Return Policy

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