Is Good Molecules Cruelty- Free ?

Good Molecules Company sells products related to skincare. It claims to sell the best products related to the skin and environment. And are available at a reasonable price. The company claims to see a difference in the skin after using it. And the prices are too low compared to the products of other companies. The idea behind the company is to provide the best skincare products backed by science at a low price. This article explain Is Good molecules cruelty – free.

Is Good Molecules Cruelty- Free

The Good Molecules Company has confirmed that their products are trusted and a hundred percent cruelty-free. They don’t sell products that need clinical testing on animals. Neither the finished products nor the raw ingredients are tested on animals ever. There is no such testing on animals, humans, etc. They don’t deal with products that require clinical testing by the law. The products are safe for the skin and eco-friendly. They do not harm the environment. So, the products are a hundred percent cruelty-free.

Do Good Molecules products require Animal Testing?

The company of Good Molecules does not support animal testing. They only sell products that are scientifically tested and are relevant. They do not use animals, humans, or other third parties to test their finished goods or raw materials. 

They are not certified to be cruelty-free by any organization that officially claims to be 100 % cruelty-free.

The Company Good Molecules do not allow third parties or company owners to test their products on animals. The company does not sell its products in countries where animal testing is required, by legislation such as China. The products are not 100 percent vegan. 

It means that some sort of animal-related substances or animal-derived products is used in the products.

Ways to ensure that the Good Molecules are cruelty-free 

Various organizations or websites contact brands like Good Molecules and cross-check their working, processing, and manufacturing. 

After all this, they publish their reports on official sites. One such site is which collects such data from the brands and publishes blogs or reports about them on its official website. 

Customers using the products can write a review on public forums. They find any wrong substance in the products while using them.

The employee working in the company can also share their experiences about the company’s products.

The official bodies and legislation also ensure that the brands follow the rules and regulations. And all the procedures inside the company are governed by the law without violating any policies.

Is Good Molecule 100 percent Vegan?

No, the products of Good Molecules are not a hundred percent vegan. Some products contain some derivatives of animals. But it offers a collection of vegan products. It is for customers who don’t want to use animal-related products for skincare.

Most of the products of Good Molecules are Vegan which does not contain any sort of animal derivatives except two;

  • Hydrate and Cleanse bar
  • Pineapple Exfoliating Powder


The products of Good Molecules are 100 percent cruelty-free. It does not support animal testing on finished goods or raw materials. To ensure that there is no such cruelty on animals or nature the company does not sell its products in the countries where animal testing is required by the law. All the products of Good Molecules are backed by science and are proven to bring good results. The company claims to provide the best skin care products at a low price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1) Does the parent company of Good Molecules support animal testing?

Ans. The parent company is Beautylish. It sells cosmetic products online. And it deals with cruelty-free and non-cruelty-free products. And it does not support any kind of animal testing of the products, whether they are finished goods or raw materials. 

Q.2) Which products are not completely Vegan?

Ans. The Pineapple Exfoliating powder product is not completely vegan; it contains silk powder. Another product is the Hydrate and Cleanse bar, which contains honey. 

There is no harm caused to the animals to derive these two products. Other than these two products, all other products of Good Molecules are a hundred percent vegan.

Q.3) Are the products of Good Molecule authentic?

Ans. Yes, the products are authentic. However, the company states that the products are purchased from its official sites. It does not claim the authenticity of the products sold on other sites, along with the same brand name or offline stores that the company authorizes.

Q.4) What are some of the best products sold by Good Molecules?

Ans. Some products like Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum is lightweight serum used to enhance the appearance of the skin. And is one of the most sold-out products of the company.

Is Good Molecules Cruelty- Free ?

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