What Credit Bureau Does AT&T Use?

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What Credit Bureau Does AT&T Use?

Introduction to the Credit Bureau

A credit bureau is an agency that collects data and provides information on the accounts of various creditors and provides that information to the credit bureau agency of that country. There are different names for the agency that collects the gathered data and is run by the government. The name in the United States is “Consumer Reporting Agency.” In the United Kingdom, it is “The Credit Reference Agency.” In Australia, it is the “Credit Reporting Body.” And in India, it is the “Credit Information Council.” The company hires this credit reporting agency for a fee because, based on a client’s credit score, you can determine whether this client is a good asset or a bad asset to the company.You can also determine whether to give a loan to this customer.

Which Credit Bureau Does AT&T Use

What Credit Bureau Does AT&T Use?AT&T performs a credit check for all new customers, which is not a hard credit check, but a soft credit check, so that it does not affect your credit score because every hard check you get on your account affects your credit score in a bad way. They have a contract with one of the best credit-checking companies in the USA and all over the world, Equifax. This company has been listed at the top of the one network from which you can have the easiest contract.

What is the Credit made of

The few factors which are taken into account to make an individual credit are:

  • A credit report is a report that contains information about an individual’s personal, credit, and account. The account was opened on the following dates: account number, account number, terms, and your payment history, such as the amounts borrowed or taken out. The number of creditors who have requested your reports, as well as court-awarded judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies, are all considered.
  • The credit score, also known as FICO, ranges from 300 to 850. Good credit scores will always help you in every financial aspect; for example, if you want to take out a loan and have a good credit score, you are more likely to get the loan because the company will be assured that you will pay your financial commitments on time. FICO range is as follows:
  1. 720 and above: this range is called the “excellent range” as it is assumed that the customer has a long-range positive credit history.
  2. 690-719: This range is called the “Great Range” as the customer has used his credit wisely and has never missed a payment.
  3. 670-689: This range is called the excellent range as the customer has a positive credit history and no recent late payments.
  4. 650–669: This range is called the “good range” as the customer is responsible for credit and usually makes the payments on time.
  5. 630-649: This range is called the “Fair Range” as the customer tries to be responsible with credit but must have had some challenges in recent times.
  6. 610-629: This range is called the “poor range” as the customer has several issues with the credit.
  7. 580-609: as the customer may have recently established his credit, this is the very poor range.
  8. 579 and below: this is an extremely poor range because the customer has a very poor or no credit history.

AT&T performs a credit check to determine if their customer will be able to pay the bill and their payment history so that the customer is an asset rather than a liability in the future. They also offer a payment plan similar to an installment plan, where your credit score determines your interest.

How can you Increase your Credit Score

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Keep your credit utilization rate low.
  • Rebuild Your Credit History
  • Review your credit score and report on a timely basis.


So having a good credit score helps you in many ways, like low insurance premiums and so on. Therefore, keep a good score because big companies also prefer people who have good ethics and will never miss an installment so that the company is in burden.

What Credit Bureau Does AT&T Use?

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