Wallgreens Return Policy Without Receipt

Walgreens is one of the famous and largest drug stores in the country. They try to satisfy their customers with their service as much as possible, and they provide a service where you can return refund or exchange items purchased from Walgreens within 30 days of purchase. Walgreens has a lenient return policy as it is not that difficult, but there are exceptions and a few return oddities, but other than that, it is quite simple to return an item purchased from Walgreens. Wallgreens Return Policy Without Receipt

Wallgreens Return Policy Without Receipt

How to return an item without a receipt ?

If you don’t have the receipt and you want to return the product, but you don’t know how to return it. These are the steps to return the product:

  1. Take the product that you want to return with the original packaging to the checkout counter at Walgreens.
  2. Then ask the employee to return the product and tell them the reason why you want to return it.
  3. When you are returning the item, keep your original valid government-issued document. The employees will be checking their records to see if you are breaking their return policy by doing something in the past.
  4. After checking the records, the employee will either return the item or call the manager to decide whether the item will be returned.
  5. If the return is accepted, the lowest price of the item you will receive is in the form of Walgreens store credit. 

If the item you want to return is a gift, and you don’t have the receipt, and, you can take it at Walgreens, and it will be returned if the purchase was made within 30 days and, only then you will get the refund in the form of gift cards or store credits.

There are several items like heavy appliances or sexual wellness products that are not accepted for return without a receipt.

Can Walgreens help you with the receipt if you want to return an item?

If the product is brought using the Walgreens balance rewards card, then Walgreens can track the purchase and, the receipt will be printed, if you want to return the item. Wallgreens Return Policy Without Receipt

In case, you made the payment through a credit/ debit card, they can use your card details to check the past transactions,  and then, they can print the receipt for you.

Make sure of a few things before returning the item

  1. The product must not be operated
  2. The product should not be tampered with, and packaging is proper
  3. The date of purchase is within 30 days
  4. Things are not misplaced from the item.

How to return the item if you ordered online or by mail?

Various conditions need to be fulfilled if you want to return an item as per Walgreens return policy. Here are the steps you need to follow to return the stuff online:

  1. Log in into your account
  2. Open the order section, and select the item you want to return.
  3. Answer the questions which are being asked and follow the given instructions.
  4. As soon as the return will be initiated, the shipping labels will be provided.
  5. Stick the shipping labels to the product you will be returning.
  6. Either you can mail it, or someone would be assigned to come and pick the parcel.

The refund process in case of online orders might take from 7 to a maximum of 30 days. It mostly depends on your bank. The refund is initiated, as soon as the item is picked and checked, and the money is refunded. If the refund is delayed, you can contact your bank to check the status of your refund.


Returning to Walgreens is not that hard but, you need to follow the protocols and policies. Walgreens accepts returns before 30 days of purchase if you have don’t have the receipt, and refund price is generated in the form of store credits or gift cards. Walgreens try to satisfy their customer needs as much as possible with the service they provide.


  1. Can we return items to Walgreen without receipt after 30 days?

Ans: no, Walgreens does not accept the item if you want to return it after 30 days if you don’t have the receipt.

  1. Is it needed to have a purchase receipt to return an item?

Ans: yes, but in case, you don’t have the receipt, you can contact the store manager and return it. It is not that hard to return an item if you have not tampered with it or it is not damaged.

  1. During what time can you return a product to Walgreens without the receipt?

Ans: There is no such return hour. You can go to the Walgreens store anytime when it is open and you can return the item. 

Wallgreens Return Policy Without Receipt

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