Will Target Exchange their Customers Propane Tanks?

Most retail stores are making it convenient for shoppers to get almost anything they need at their outlets. One of many services offered by retail stores is the propane tank exchange and refill service. If you can get your propane refilled at the grocery store, shopping will become easy for you. Read on to find out if Target offers this service.

Yes, Target offers a propane tank exchange service at their store outlets. You can get this service at Target by either visiting any of the brand’s retail outlets close to your location or booking for delivery via Target’s website. Apart from getting an exchange at Target, you can also get your propane tank returned.

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How to get your Propane Tank Exchanged at Target.

Here are the steps to access this service at Target;

  • Log in to Target’s website and select the propane tank you want to make an exchange with.
  • Make payment and wait for a confirmation mail from the store.
  • Select if you want to pick it up at the store, or have it delivered to your location.
  • If you want it delivered to your location, Target will have it brought to you through the Forklift Propane Exchange or the Propane Taxi.

What you need to know about Target Propane Tank Exchange

  • You are not allowed to take a propane tank into the store when bringing it for an exchange. Ensure you drop it outside the store before you enter.
  • If you have an expired tank, you will need to recertify it before it can be accepted for an exchange.
  • The cost depends on the size of the tank and the level of propane filled.
  • If your tank is damaged, the store will not allow an exchange.

What happens to the Tank after Target Exchange it?

The propane tank exchange is a form of recycling for the product. Here are some processes the tank follows after you have had it exchanged for a new one at the retail store;

  • The store gathers all the empty tanks gotten from the customers and stores them in a safe place for the propane company.
  • The propane company will then come and have the tanks picked up.
  • The tanks will be sorted out when it arrives at the propane company facility. The good ones will be recycled.

Why do Target offer Propane Tank Exchange and not Refills?

Oftentimes, you get to see many of these retail stores putting only propane tank exchange in their services. Here are some of the reasons these retail stores prefer tank exchange over refills;

It is Cost-Effective

Exchanging propane tanks is cost-effective on the side of the business. A business that offers the two services; refills and exchange will have to spend more when it comes to operations and other daily activities needed in maintaining the business. 

For example, if Target decides to add propane tank refills to their services, they will be forced to employ more staff and also get the necessary equipment needed for the running of the service. All this will require huge funding when considering the number of Target locations in the US. Although it is a good investment, it will take some time before the store can make a profit from it.

Increases Sales

When you walk up to Target with your empty tank requesting a refill, and the store attendant tells you that there is no refill service available, you can get an exchange. You might be forced at that point to go for exchange even though you didn’t plan to have one before. The propane exchange service is a way of persuading customers to go for an exchange rather than a refill. Looking at the way many retail stores offer this service, it is safe to say that this sales strategy works and has gotten more customers interested in propane tank exchange.

Requires less Stress

The way the propane exchange service works is that you will either make a payment online and get your new tank delivered to you or simply walk into the store and get a new tank as soon as you have made payment. There is no need to undergo any stressful procedure for this service, the steps are quite easy. This encourages customers to go for the service.

Encourages Recycling

The propane tanks obtained from customers are stored by the retail store and picked up by the tank manufacturers for further processing. After processing the tanks, they get refurbished and brought back to the retail store to be exchanged for old tanks. It all works in a cycle. The encouragement of customer exchange of propane tanks has helped in reducing the environmental pollution in the society.

Quality Assurance

The new propane tanks obtained during an exchange are fresh from the manufacturer, they have been tested and trusted to be of good quality. This is an advantage of getting an exchange, you do not have to keep using an old rusty tank, you get a new one that has better quality than your old tank.


You can get your propane tanks exchanged at Target. Ensure you have checked through the necessary information you need to know about this process to ensure your tank meets with the store policy before you proceed to make an exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it advisable to install my propane tank myself?

A propane tank can only be installed by a licensed company; it is therefore not advisable for you to do this yourself.

  1. Can I get other propane products from Target?

You can get a variety of propane products like; Propane Heater, Propane Tank Gas Grill, Propane Lamp, etc. from the store

Will Target Exchange their Customers Propane Tanks?

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