What Credit Bureau Does Tj Maxx Use?

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Generating a credit report becomes easier when it is done through a reliable credits bureau. A reliable credits bureau will be available to provide you with the right details sourced directly from the original owner of the information. 

Credit Bureau Does Tj Maxx Use

The official credit bureau used by TJ Maxx is TransUnion. Although TJ Maxx uses TransUnion as its brand official credit bureau, it still allows Experian and Equifax to run its credit report. Read on to understand why TransUnion is the recognized credit bureau by the retail store.

Why TransUnion

You must be wondering why TJ Maxx picks TransUnion out of the three known credit bureaus. Note to worry much, here are some reasons TransUnion is the store’s official credit bureau;

Effective Services.

TransUnion offers reliable and reliable services to clients. The credit bureau is known to have clients from major corporations across the United States. Due to the effectiveness of their services, they have been able to stick to those corporations for years. That kind of reputation is alone to convince a retail giant like TJ Maxx to go into partnership with them. Being a reliable store on its own, TJ Maxx would eventually want to form a partnership with other reliable brands. Hence, the use of TransUnion.

Accurate Reports

TransUnion has a team that gathers information from clients and ensures that they are processed accurately from time to time. The effectiveness of their reports makes it possible for companies to trust them with their credit data. Little wonder TJ Maxx had to use the Credit Bureau. Apart from providing customers with accurate reports, TransUnion also offers complimentary services to help assist you with any help you might need with your credit scores. Some of those services include; customer cares support services and the provision of educational resources.

Provides reliable scores.

The company also makes sure scores prepared are reliable for customers to use. They offer both daily and yearly updates on customers’ report scores and other information needed. Providing these reliable data makes it easier for TJ Maxx to pull credit reports from TransUnion whenever it is needed.  

Identity theft protection

Security is another issue that can make a partnership not work. When a customer’s data is being at risk in a partnership operation, it makes it harder for the affected partner to rely on the other one. TJ Maxx ensures there is an effective data protection service put in place to avoid the risk of getting customers’ data into the wrong hands. With the safety protection placed on data by TransUnion, TJ Maxx was able to trust the bureau with the information of their customers. Hence, making the bureau their officially recognized credit bureau.

Excellent reviews

Compared to another credit bureau, TransUnion has been able to achieve an interesting high amount of customer satisfaction. The credit bureau, over time, has gotten a lot of positive reviews from customers who used their services for a long time. In one of the reports posted by the company recently, it was recorded that they had received over 3 million satisfactory comments and reviews from customers all over the State. Since many people are satisfied with their services, it becomes necessary for TJ Maxx to get them to be in charge of their credit reports.

Hire professionals

TransUnion since its foundation in 1968, the company has been able to gain a stand in the credit bureau of the US by being one of the foremost go-to places for assistance relating to credit scores and reports. Lenders, landlords, companies, and other customers who would want to have access to credit reports have been able to rely on TransUnion for drafting accurate and professional reports. The company’s ability to meet the demands of customers can be attributed to having the right expertise in charge of its business operations. Employees of the credit bureau ensure teamwork is used to deliver services to customers on time. As a bureau with the right professionals in charge of their operations, it was easier for TJ Maxx to put things in place and decide to make them the main credit bureau for their customers.

How to know if your Credit score is approved for TJ Maxx Card.

You need to know if your Credit score meets the requirements of the store before you move 

ahead to request a store card. However, unlike general-purpose credit cards, stores allow you to have a lower credit score before you can get access to their card. The credit score approved for TJ Maxx starts from 620 and above. This means that once you have a minimum credit score of 620 or any score above that, you get qualified to get the store card. 

However, you should note that your credit score is not the only thing required before you can get a store card, other information such as your credit report, income, etc. will also be needed before you are allowed to have a store card. Understand that even with a score as high as 650, you might get rejected if your other reports do not meet the expected store card standards of TJ Maxx.


TJ Maxx had to use a credit bureau that is reliable and effective as its main credit bureau. This does not mean that they cannot use the two other bureaus, they can always request reports from other bureaus from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need my credit report to get a store card at TJ Maxx?

Yes, you will need it alongside a credit score and income report to get a store card.

2. What other credit bureaus are there?

Experian and Equifax

What Credit Bureau Does Tj Maxx Use?

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