Does DMV have Payment Plans?

What is DWV?

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is a government agency that includes registration of a vehicle, issuing the driving license, safety, and emissions inspection bills of sale. Different states have different names for DMV, it’s not the same everywhere. It is handled by one agency in every state. And it is also recognized nationally. The driving license and registration of a vehicle are maintained by the state government in the U.S. except for Hawaii. In Canada, DMV is handled by the provincial government. Hawaii is the only state where no DMV functions are practised. Arm forces active duty services members are exceptions to follow the general rule of it. Does DMV have Payment Plans

Does DMV have Payment Plans

Payment Plan of DMV 

DMV doesn’t accept partial payment of penalties or any other fines.

Payment plans were first established in 2017, so more than 53,000 people in Virginia have completed their plan with DMV. They say that people who do not get their vehicle’ insurance done are likely to get into the payment plan to pay their penalty and fees over a time of three years.

The DMV payment plan includes all the rules and regulations of the payment program. Stating the process of how to pay and on what methods are available to make a payment. Virginia’s payment program allows the motorist to regain their license that got suspended without paying penalties and fees. But this doesn’t mean that the person can avoid all the penalties for violating rules. A payment plan helps the person to distribute the payment of penalty and fees for three years.   

To get your suspended license back, there is a process you have to follow:

You have to pay a $500 fee every time your license gets suspended. And a $145 reinstatement fee will be paid.

You have to pay $25 every month towards the total balance of the fees. 

Complete the balance of your fees within three years 

Even if you pay off your balance within 3 years, still keep firm evidence of your financial responsibility. 


The Virginia Department of DMV is providing online payments for the convenience of its customers. 

This new service introduced by Virginia will help 150 customers per week to make a payment and help to appointment opportunities to enquire about services that they need in person. People that are looking to purchase license plates and or need to register their vehicle and need to certify their vehicle covered with insurance required.

 What to do if your license gets suspended?

If drivers don’t have their vehicle’s insurance, then their license will be suspended. Make sure that this never happens. In case, you don’t get your vehicle’s insurance done and your license gets suspended then you need to require these things:

Submit a financial responsibility insurance certificate.

 Pay reinstatement fees.

 Pay the non-compliance fees upfront or get to know the payment plan to pay fees over time in monthly instalments.

 The payment plan of the fine does not apply to the fine you owed to local traffic courts. It only applies to the fines payable to a DMV Traffic Violations Bureau. Contact the local court about more details of payment of fines.

DMV websites allow you to see the payment plan according to their locality.

The payment plan can be a good option for people who owe more in fees that they have never been able to pay all at once. It means that the person needs to be very careful that they are ready to move further with their plan. They have to be able to keep up with payment every single month on time.

  Otherwise, there are chances that your license will get suspended again, and the person won’t be able to get it back unless they can pay all fees at once on time. 

Instalments plan

To become eligible for an instalment payment plan you need to meet the requirements and they are as follow:

You should have a valid driving license.

You should have a credit/debit card for signing up for the automatic draft.

You need to prove that you have valid insurance for your motor vehicles. 

You can’t be presently entered into an instalment payment agreement for your previous infarction. 

  As soon as you sign this agreement you need to make the first payment on time.

Once you agree to instalment payment through meeting all these requirements you need to pay the fixed amount every month and on time. Your circumstances can affect your number of instalments plans and your amount of it. Once you enter into any of the instalment plans you need to pay monthly fees that will be charged on debit or credit card whichever method of payment you choose. Drafts from debit or credit will cost you 2.5% fees of your total monthly payment. And a transaction fee will be added of $3.00.


In this article, we talked about what DMV is and its payment plan. The DMV payment plan includes all the rules and regulations of the payment program. Stating the process of how to pay and on what methods are available to make a payment. It provides you with various payment plans. Their customers can use any of the methods. To protect yourself from this you should always carry your license with you and follow the rules and regulations.

Does DMV have Payment Plans?

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