Verizon router red light-Know More


Many lights are lit up on the Router, throughout the day. This is done from the date of installation of the router. Sometimes Internet speed is slow during the connection. This has been indicated when different lights light up on the router of Verizon. When you’re using your internet and everything is going smooth, and then suddenly the internet goes down and The customer starts To check on the router.The red light indicates that the internet connection is slow or bad so the person needs to quickly resolve the issue. There are many ways to resolve this issue, The person can resolve this issue At home also.

Verizon router red light

For a person who wants to fix this, they can do this when they are at home. Some troubleshooting tips can be used by the person for the red light to be gone. Any person can do this at home, they just have to make sure that they don’t break any cables.

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Types Of Red Lights 

There are a few troubleshooting tips that can help the person to resolve the red light on the router. There are many kinds of red lights that are Light up on the router. There are different techniques for troubleshooting with different types of red lights. The different types of red lights are;

  • Solid red light
  • Fast blinking red light
  • Slow blinking red light

Solutions for each type of light 

There are different kinds of red light which are as follows and the troubleshooting tips also are as follows:

Solid red light

When there is solid red light, light up on the router. The reason behind the red light is that there is some hardware or software issue, this can be resolved very easily. 

  1. The person is simply asked to unplug the router, this can be done for a full two minutes duration and after that, the same router needs to be plugged back in. Then the router will take a few minutes to reconnect and if the red light does not go away, there is another way.
  2. The person needs to start the soft reboot. To start the soft reboot technique, the person needs to press and hold the reset button which is on the back of the router for three seconds.
  3. Then the router will blink for a few minutes and then after it will reconnect. After putting in all the effort, anything doesn’t work then the last option is of factory reset.
  4. The person can do a full factory reset, this can be done when the person needs to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds and then the reset will initiate on it soon this might take a few minutes for the router and after that, it will come online.

Fast blinking red light

The first blinking red light on the router indicates that the person is having issues regarding the overheating of the router. The person needs to cool down the router for this the router needs to be disconnected from the power source for five minutes and let the router cool down.

  1. The main reason for overheating is the clogging of the vents, Through dust on the router. 
  2. They need to make sure that the air vents are clean for the air to go out and come in, this is done to avoid the overheating process.
  3. There is also another way to speed up the healing process of the router, the person needs to store the router in an upright position. This will help the heat to dispatch fast and the router will cool itself faster.
  4. The person needs to make sure that the router is not jammed in a place, there is some space for the air to go out. In other words, the person has to make sure that the air can circulate easily from the vents of the router.

Slow blinking red light

Slow blinking red light is quite normal, and the slow blinking red light is denoted due to the failure of connection of WPS, Wi-Fi protected setup. The percentage to make sure the router is connected to the Wi-Fi within two minutes.

  1. There is an easy way through which WPS can be added. 
  2. The person needs to Press the WPS button which is on the front of the router this will initiate the WPS and it is an easy way to add WPS which is capable of a Wi-Fi network.
  3. When the lights start to slowly blink read for the next minute, this will indicate that the WPS pairing was unsuccessful. 
  4. Then the process needs to start again. And if the bright red light goes to solid white light, this will indicate that the Wi-Fi is connected with the router.


Three types of red lights bring on the router. There is a red solid light that indicates the system or the hardware failure. Then there is a fast blinking red light which indicates the overheating of the router. Then there is a slow blinking red light which will indicate that the pairing of Wi-Fi or the WPS has been failed and the person needs to connect the Wi-Fi again.

Frequently asked questions

Question one: how can a customer reboot their Verizon router?

Answer one: where is the simple way of rebooting the router. Which is as follows

  1. The person needs to turn off the router and unplug the switch from the wall
  2. The person needs to wait for at least one minute before plug-in back the router.
  3. The router will turn back on.
  4. The person is to wait for all the lights to light upon the router.

Question 2: How much time does it take to reboot the router.?

Answer 2: The router will take up to 2 minutes to reboot, and the internet connection needs to be reconnected to the router. All this process will take about two minutes.

Question 3: What color lights are normal to light upon the router.?

Answer 3: The person needs to make sure that the route Lights must be lit up to white for smooth and normal functioning.

This is quite normal as this indicates that the router is working okay and does not need your attention.

Question 4: will resetting the router can Damage the router?

Answer 4: This will not damage the router, all this will do is the router will be restored to the state it was bought from the store. All the Wi-Fi settings and the Wi-Fi passwords will be erased and the person needs to put back the last words again.

Verizon router red light-Know More

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