What Is Sushi?- Know More

Sushi is a non-vegetarian dish made of fermented rice, some sugar, and salt, accompanied by many other ingredients like vegetables, seaweeds, and fish, often raw. It’s common to see different styles of sushi with different presentations in different parts of the world, but only the same in all is Sushi RICE which is also called Sumeshi or Shari.

what is sushi?

Even though many people believe that it is made from raw fish with different dippings, side dishes, and vegetables, It is not raw fish. It is fermented or vinegared rice mixed with different ingredients like seaweeds, vegetables, sauces, and fish. It can be made from cooked fish or raw fish, depending on the recipe and preferences. But if we consider traditional sushi, it is made of raw fish. Even though fish is not called sushi, it’s fermented rice, so raw fish is not a compulsory component of any sushi. 

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You can have sushi with cooked fish and different side dishes like Miso soup, Eggplant, seaweed salad, Kani salad, etc. You can also enjoy your sushi with kimchi, just like Korean people like to have. Having it with raw fish or cooked fish is entirely your choice; enjoy it the way you like.

What are the types of sushi?

There are five main types of sushi.

  • Nigiri – this can be both raw and cooked, with A topping of fish served on the top of Sushi Rice.
  • Sashimi has the best taste and flavor for those who love to enjoy fish or shellfish without rice as it is served alone without anything else.
  • Maki is the most common Sushi Rolls, which has rice wrapped in seaweed with different fillings inside.
  • Uramaki is eaten and served with many sauces and toppings; they are also available both cooked and raw. This also has seaweed and rice. The only difference is that the rice is outside, filled with seaweeds and different fillings.
  • Temaki – these have a unique shape: they are rolled by hand into a cone. And is also known as hand roll sushi.

How was sushi invented?

Sushi was invented by the Chinese almost nineteen centuries before in the second century BC; earlier in Southeast Asia, people made Narezushi or Salted fish stored in vinegared rice or fermented rice for almost a year. This storage was not invented for taste or flavor but storage purposes. 

Narezushi was the most accessible food for travelers, those days as it was easily storage-able, easy to carry, and long-lasting. Narezushi was made by fermenting the rice to preserve it, and fish was heavily salted to prevent bacteria attacks. And the most fantastic part of this was that they threw away the rice and just ate the fish. Rice was only used to preserve, wrap and store the fish.

Slowly in the 8th century, this dish spread from China to Japan with those travelers. And then, the Japanese started to use fermented rice to preserve the fish; even though the smell of preserved fish was strong and unpleasant, it helped in the faster preparation of Sushi dishes. Earlier in Japan, It was often cooked and wasn’t the same as today, and its size was also quite large.


Sushi or Shinjitai is vinegared rice commonly known as sushi – meshi in Korea is prepared with some sugar and salt and is served with different ingredients or neta, such as vegetables, kimchi, seaweeds, and cooked or raw fish. It is served as a main dish or appetizer. It is also known as the national cuisine of Japan. It is a ubiquitous dish in China and Korea. Currently, It is loved worldwide, and because of its unique taste, people from different nations love to eat them. 

Even though many are not comfortable with having raw fish, they can try sushi with cooked fish, and even vegetarians can try sushi without fish to enjoy different flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 – How is Sushi harmful?

Any food eaten out of limit is harmful; talking about sushi, we all know it is very rich in Sodium, and soya sauce, which is the most common Sushi dipping, is also rich in Sodium. And since Americans already have lots of Sodium in their diets, that’s why it causes more harm to them if eaten a lot, as high sodium levels in the human body lead to many problems like congestive heart failure and lots of kidney disease. In addition, it has lots of refined carbs, and if overheated, it may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

2 – What are the benefits of eating sushi?

Not only sushi, but any food eaten in the right amount is also healthy and beneficial for our bodies. It is also delicious and a healthy meal to have. Because of fish, is a good source of omega- 3 fatty acids. It is shallow in calories, and there is no added fat. The most popular one is Nigiri which is also the oldest one. 

3 – What is the Flavor of Sushi?

Even though different peoples have different taste buds, It is liked by many, and it is a very delicate, gentle, and naturally flavored food. Since it has both salt and sugar, you will find it both salty and sweet, but the flavor is mild, so you won’t find it too salty or too sweet; even though it is made of fermented rice, it does not only taste the sources if you want to know the exact taste you should taste it yourself.

What Is Sushi?- Know More

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