How to cancel Amazon Prime free trial?

Amazon is an American multinational company that was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994 and currently has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It soon came to be one of the Big Five American IT companies, the other four being Apple, Google, Meta (previously called Facebook), and Microsoft. Let’s learn here ‘How to cancel Amazon Prime free trial?’.

How to cancel Amazon Prime free trial?

Amazon Prime is a subscription offered by Amazon which covers many benefits such as faster shipping and delivery options, unlimited streaming on its OTT platform, free and unlimited access to Prime playlists, games, and books. It offers a free trial for 30 days during which one can enjoy all the benefits as a paid member.

If you wish to cancel your free trial, you can do so before the expiry of 30 days as a Prime member. If you happen to do so after your trial period ends, then you will be charged for the next month. Read on to know the procedure to cancel your free trial and other details regarding the same.

Benefits of signing up for Amazon Prime free trial

  1. Faster shipping and delivery options when compared to a non-prime member
  2. Access to free and unlimited streaming on Amazon Prime Video
  3. Free and unlimited access to prime playlists that include over a million songs
  4. Access to Prime e-books and Amazon First reads that allows you to choose and download a free Kindle title (a soon to be released book) every month 
  5. Free access to Prime games and a free monthly channel subscription on Twitch
  6. Amazon Prime Rewards

Steps to cancel your Amazon Prime free trial

You can reap the benefits of your free trial for the entire period of 30 days even if you cancel it on the first day itself. To cancel the trial, you will have to confirm almost three times. The steps to do so are as follows.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account, open the menu and click on “Your Prime Membership.”
  2. A page showing all the details regarding your Prime account opens up. Look for “Membership Management” and under that, click on “End Trial and Benefits.”
  3. You might see a pop-up that shows all the benefits you will be losing if you proceed to cancel. Ignore that and click on “End My Benefits” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Now, three options are displayed on your screen – “Remind Me Later”, “Continue to Cancel”, and “Keep My Membership.” Click on “Continue to Cancel.”
  5. Then, it leads you to the final cancellation page. You will have to click on “Cancel Membership” again.
  6. Just to be sure, log out and sign in again to check whether your trial has been canceled or not.

How much does a Prime membership cost once the trial period ends?

At present, it costs about $13 for a monthly subscription and $119 for a yearly subscription. But it seems that the subscription is set to be increased to $15 for a monthly subscription and to $139 for a yearly subscription. The price increase will come into effect from February 18, 2022, for new users, and for already registered users, the price increase will be effective from March 25, 2022.

What options do I have if I only want access to unlimited streaming on Prime Video?

You can avail of an Amazon Prime Video free trial for 30 days and in that case, you can only stream on the OTT platform and no other benefits are applicable. You can sign up for a Prime Video free trial only if you have never used Prime before. After the expiry of your trial period, you can upgrade to a paid membership for about $9 per month or $108 per year. 

Is Kindle Unlimited included in Prime membership benefits?

No, they are different plans that have to be subscribed separately. Prime membership allows you to access roughly 1000 titles whereas, with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can have free access to over a million titles. You can purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription regardless of whether you are a Prime member or not.


Amazon offers a Prime subscription with many benefits as has been discussed above. One can sign up for a free trial and check whether it is beneficial and depending on one’s preference, a decision on whether to cancel or upgrade the subscription, can be taken.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Will I lose the benefits of a prime member once I cancel the free trial?

You can enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime for the entire trial period even if you cancel before its expiry. 

  1. Can I sign up for a free trial for a second time?

You can start a new free trial after exactly 12 months since your previous free trial ended.

How to cancel Amazon Prime free trial?

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