Does Stanely Steemer clean Couches?

Stanley Steemer is an American multinational cleaning company that was established in 1947 In the city of Dublin, Ohio. The foundation stone of Stanley Steemer was laid by Jack A. Bates. The services like carpet cleaning, grout and rug cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, etc. are provided by the company. The company has led the residential and commercial cleaning business for 70 years. Let’s learn ‘Does Stanely Steemer clean Couches?’.

Does Stanely Steemer clean Couches?

Today, Stanley Steemer has about 280 franchises independently owned brands operated at company-owned locations. It is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to cleaning. The initial stages of opening a company were referred to as one-man carpet cleaning businesses. As the years passed, the company managed to reach 42 different states all over the globe. The expertise workers are masters in making the furniture or items look brand new and bacterial-free.

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Specialized cleaning is done by Stanley Steemer

Furniture and upholstery cleaning are done by the company

The company professionally cleans a wide variety of home furniture and upholstery. Upholstery refers to the thick fabric used to cover the upper surface of a couch, chair, sofa, bed, foam, or any other furniture. The different types of furniture cleaned by the company include the following-

• All types of beds, mattresses, and foams are deeply cleaned by the company. The company also changes or replaces the inner material of the couches when asked by the customer.

• sofas and couches covered with a type of fabric including cotton, linen, leather, and many more are cleaned by the company.

• Different methods for cleaning the furniture and upholstery is opted based on the material and manufacturing of the furniture. Like chemical wash for deep cleaning, steam cleaning technique for stain removal, dry cleaning of upholstery, and many other cleaning techniques.

• The efficient cleaning technique of the company also removes animal fur from the fabric. It neither causes any harm to the fabric nor tears the fabric.

• The cleaning of seat covers of cars or other vehicles is done by the company. Moreover, the interior cleaning of the vehicle is done by experts without causing any harm to the machinery.

Does Stanley Steemer clean Couches?

The Stanley Steemer does clean couches. The professional cleaning process done by the professional helps in removing dirt, sweat, and other oil marks, dander, color stains as well as all the other types of unwanted stains. In most cases, the company uses the steam cleaning technique especially for cleaning the couches. In this method, steam is used at low pressure which helps in removing the soluble substances from the fabric.

The steams help in removing the dirt and grease embedded in the pores of the couch fabric. It is the most widely used method of cleaning furniture and upholstery. The steam cleaning method is effective in cleaning the grease marks or any other stain caused due to any synthetic chemical. The company cleans couches made of any fabric including cotton, linen, leather, microfiber, satin, and many more. Moreover, the company does not use harsh chemicals to clean the couch. It also makes the fiber healthier and refreshing. Regular cleaning of the fabric makes it more breathable which keeps the inner layer of foam clean and tidy. Along with cleaning the couches and sofas the company also provides services that are mentioned below-

1. Changing the inner foam of the sofa or couch and filling it with a new set of foam.

2. Changing as well as replacing the upholstery of the couch. It can be replaced with any other fabric or with another fabric of the same type.

3. Animal hair and its fur removed from the upper and the inner surface of the couch.


Stanley Steemer is the best for dust and animal fur removal. On average, it can remote up to 90% of cats or dogs; fur from carpet, sofa, curtains, and other fabricated furniture. The company is capable of making the house dust and allergic-free. The chemicals used by the company are skin-friendly and approachable. It doesn’t cause any harm to anybody’s skin. Stanley Steemer is considered one of the best couch cleaning companies of all time. The company is known to clean up 94% of the dust from sofas, couches, and mattresses.

The cleaning process used in dust and dirt extraction is called the hot water extraction cleaning process. The company claims to inject hot water mixed with its special cleaning solution into the furniture to release the dirt. It is done with the help of upholstery cleaning machines. The company uses steam cleaning techniques to remove oil, dirt, and grease from the couch. It is one of the most effective ways to clean sofas and couches. Moreover, the cleaning by the company lasts longer and makes the fabric healthier and refreshing.

Does Stanely Steemer clean Couches?

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