Is YesStyle Ethical?-Know more

Who doesn’t like buying things online? It is much more convenient, saves time and energy and, you don’t have to move your body just fingers doing all the work. Just three steps chose, buy, pay, and it’s done your product is delivered to your doorstep in no time. But what frights me sometimes about online shopping is the authenticity of the brand and product. Let’s learn ‘Is YesStyle Ethical?’.

Is YesStyle Ethical?


YesStyle is a Hong Kong-based online retail store founded in 1997, where you can find everything from fashion to skincare, to jewelry to other lifestyle and entertainment products from different Asian brands. The brand is said to be a decent retail store selling products at a reasonable price. However, few of their customers have a complaint about receiving damaged products but, mishaps can happen with any online retail store. Here is everything about YesStyle and its authenticity. 

Does YesStyle sell authentic beauty products?

YesStyle does sell genuine products when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. All the products that are listed on their website come from reputed suppliers. Products that are dispatched from South Korea are imported directly with daily shipment to the YesStyle Hong Kong warehouse. The orders are shipped directly from the warehouse after receiving them from the brands. 

What is their competitive strength?

The company thrives to become an e-commerce website with a global reach. The company is successfully running the business since 1998 and has experience in the business of more than 20 years.

Relationship with customers

Customers are the pioneer of any business, to satisfy their needs and meet expectations a company should always give its best. YesStyle believes that close interaction is essential for the customers to trust an online platform, this is why they have fostered a community that actively engages with the customers. Within the community, the customers can rate and review the product and reach out for any query regarding products or shipments. 

Is YesStyle safe to use?

YesStyle is in the retail business for more than 20 years now, with each passing year the company thrives to be more useful to its customer. You cannot trust a site that steals your private information. YesStyle has a strict privacy policy that ensures that none of your personal information is at risk. The YesStyle interface is encrypted with SSL secure socket layer, which ensures you experience safe shopping every time. 

Is YesStyle Ethical?

Yes, YesStyle is ethical. YesStyle is a brand providing a variety of quality products from clothing to jewelry to cosmetics and other lifestyle products. All the products that YesStyle sells are from a reputed brand across Asia. The website has been honored by Hong Kong of Social Services as a caring company. The company coordinates with the customers to provide them satisfaction like keeping them updated with shipping details or provisional changes. 

What payment method does YesStyle use?

YesStyle uses PayPal for payment as it is the safest method to pay for your items. YesStyle makes sure that all the measures are taken to provide you with the best user experience. You can order your items from this website without fearing data threats or any online fraud.


Concluding all the information, YesStyle seems to be a legitimate website selling reliable products. However, it may not be the best site to buy clothes from. The website sells clothes with amazing designs at a low price, but not all things that are inexpensive are great. The pros of buying from this website are that everything is at an affordable price with a wide range of products. The cons of buying this website are the quality of the products is occasionally average with a low-quality display of photos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are YesStyle Payment methods?

YesStyle accepts the various methods of payment. You can pick whatever is convenient to you. The payment methods accepted by YesStyles are, credit card, American Express, JCB, and PayPal

Q2. Can I return any item to YesStyle?

YesStyle has a return policy where you can return products within the given period of 30 days. However, not all items bought from the website are eligible for a refund. You can visit their official website to learn more about their return policy.

Q3. Do YesStyle covers shipping charges?

No, YesStyle does not cover your shipping surcharges. If you are returning any item to the YesStyle, you are responsible for paying for the shipping charges at the post office. 

Q4. Do they offer promo codes and discounts?

Yes, YesStyle offers promo codes and discounts. If you purchase products in bulk, you can avail of up to 70% discounts on purchased items. The discount given on the items may vary from product to product. 

Q5. Does YesStyle offer a student discount?

Yes, one of the best services you can avail of from YesStyle is that they have special offers for students. All you have to do is provide them with necessary documents as student proof and avail exclusive offers from YesStyle. This includes discounts, promo codes, voucher codes, and coupons on purchased items. 

Is YesStyle Ethical?-Know more

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