Does value city accept affirm?

Value City is one of the prominent furniture stores in the USA. Its furniture ranges from sofas, couches, beds, dining tables, home decor accessories, etc. Many times you want to buy various retail stores but don’t buy because of the budget. In this situation, financial technology firms like Affirm aid you with their payment plans. But Affirm could be used only at its partner retail stores to provide Buy Now Pay Later services.Does Value City accept Affirm? 

Unfortunately, Value City does not accept Affirm against your purchases. Value City is not one of the partner retailers of Affirm. However, Value City does have some financial plans for its buyers. Its plans allow shoppers to buy a product immediately and pay for it later in installments. Value City also offers lease plans and credit plans to customers. 

Does Value City have any other payment plan? 

Payment plans and financial solutions are widely used by Americans for their luxury needs. Therefore, major companies are now offering various payment plans to their buyers. These plans allow buyers to pay for their purchases either in installments or by getting a credit. Many firms also came into the market to provide payment plans and instant credits to shoppers immediately. 

Value City does not accept payment via any financial technology firm. But it offers various financing plans to buyers. Its aim is 100% financing for buyers for that it offers 3 financing solutions to customers-

  • Credit Options 
  • Installment Options 
  • Lease-to-own Options 
Credit Options 

Value City offers various Credit Plans for 100% financing to its buyers. These plans give you credit to buy your favorite furniture from Value City. The credit could be paid back in equal monthly installments. The credit options are available for three, six, and 12 months. The credit plans are very beneficial for customers because-

  • Interest-free

Value City does not take any interest and extra payment if all the installments are paid on time. Therefore it is advisable to make your payments on the due date. 

  • Equal monthly installment 

The installment is received monthly by Value City. The installment amount is the total price of furniture divided by the number of months. According to their suitability, customers can choose from three, six, and twelve-month plans. 

Installment Options 

If you don’t want to get credit from Value City, then you can ask for a payment plan or installment option of SetPay. SetPay offers payment plans in partnership with Synchrony Bank. SetPay offers financing options at 0% APR. You can get a SetPay plan for a minimum purchase of $75. 

SetPay offers payment plans for three, six, and twelve months just like Value City’s credit option. It is an interest-free payment plan if all installments are paid on time. The monthly installments are calculated after adding all types of taxes and service charges with the purchase price. 

To get this plan, choose SetPay at checkout among other payment options at Value City. However, the payment plans are subjected to credit approval. Notably, the SetPay payment plans are available only for, online shopping from Value City.

Lease-to-own Options 

Apart from credit and installment options, there is also a lease-to-own option of Value City for 100% financing. The minimum purchase value to avail of this financing option is $298. The lease agreement starts for a minimum of 120 days. A down payment of $49 is mandatory while buying the product. Later, you have to complete the payment within the lease time. 

Lease-to-payment builds no pressure on customers. The furniture is owned by customers and they can pay monthly installments according to their budget. However, they have to make the complete payment within the lease time. Payment could be made in person or online. 

What are the other modes of payment at Value City?

Value City’s goal is to offer 100% financing to its buyers. Other than the financing options, it allows customers to make immediate payments. The payment methods that Value City Furniture accepts are-

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover 
  • Value Furniture private label credit cards


Affirm is a prominent financial technology firm among retailers in the USA. But it has not partnered with Value City Furniture. Therefore, Value City does not accept Affirm. However, the Furniture store itself offers various other financing options for the buyers. This includes credit and lease options and payment plans from SetPay. 

  1. What would happen if I didn’t pay the credit installment to Value City on time? 

Answer: If you didn’t pay monthly installments on time, interest wouldwould bebe charged to you from the date of shopping. For this, the purchase APR is 29.99%. Additionally, the minimum interest charge is $2.

  1. Does Value City run any verification process before giving furniture on the lease? 

Answer: Yes, Value City does a simple verification of your residence, personal reference, and income. They may also check your transaction history. However, it does not check your credit score before giving items on lease.

Does value city accept affirm?

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