Does ups deliver on sundays?

United Parcel Services (UPS) is the largest courier company in the USA. It delivers domestic as well as international parcels at the best speed. UPS is the World’s largest courier company in terms of revenue. It provides the best shipping facility, tracking options, quick delivery, and other benefits. But does ups deliver on Sundays? 

Normally UPS does not deliver on Sundays. It delivers on Saturday with extra charges but not on Sunday. However, in urgent situations, you can use UPS’s Extra Critical Care Package. This service is the only way to deliver packages on Sunday. Notably, Extra Critical Care Package is available for domestic and overseas shipping. Additionally, it also costs more than the weekday services. 

Does ups deliver on sundays? 

UPS does not deliver any packages except the Extra Critical Care Package on Sundays. To deliver your packages via this service, you can contact UPS via call or mail. The UPS team will assess the situation and aid you in providing the quickest delivery of your package. Notably, this is the only shipment service of the UPS that runs 365-days a year. 

On Sundays, UPS stores are also not open for the whole day. They work from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM on Sunday. So, you also have to be on time to take your package to the UPS stores for delivery. However, you can book the delivery via phone call or e-mail. 

The Extra Critical Care Package services are available for domestic and international shipments. For providing the quickest service via this package service, the UPS team has various shipment options. They always try to ship your package by the next flight available for the destination in domestic and nearby regions. For the surface delivery also, they have a system of non-stop transportation. Additionally, they can also arrange charter flights for very critical packages. 

For international and overseas packages also, UPS looks for the next flight or charter flight shipment. They can also provide extra care for packages that require safety. However, for international carriers’ delivery on the same day is not always possible. But they can deliver your packages on Sunday. 

Cost of UPS Extra Critical Service

UPS has to do lots of arrangements and plan to deliver your packages on Sunday via Extra Critical Care Service. Therefore, it cost you more than the usual weekday services. The cost of Extra critical service is decided on following basis-

  • Use of urgent flights, non-interrupted road-transport, or charter flights. This convenience costs very high than normal shipping. 
  • The transport route and the permissions required.
  • type of packaging (normal or special safety)
  • Weight and size of the product.
  • Type of product.

The cost assessment for delivering your package on Sunday is done by a skilled UPS team. This team plans the shipping process and route according to your needs. Therefore, extra fees are charged if you use the Extra Critical Care Service of the UPS.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?

Yes, UPS does deliver on Saturday but Saturday delivery is not as usual as weekdays delivery. UPS has started the ground service on Saturday since 2019. However, UPS takes extra fees for delivering packages on Saturday. Like ground services, there are other services available for Saturday delivery for both domestic and international shipments. Notably, UPS takes an extra $16 apart from regular shipping charges for Saturday delivery. 

How UPS delivers on Saturday 

To deliver your packages on Saturdays, UPS has various shipping plans. For each of these plans, $16 is extra required with regular charges of that service. For domestic shipping, UPS offers following delivery plans-

  • next day shipping
  • next day early shipping
  • 2 days shipping  
  • 3 days shipping  
  • UPS ground shipment 

UPS also facilitates international shipping on Saturdays. But for this also it charges extra fees. The international shipping services that UPS offers on Saturdays are –

  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • Express Plus 
  • Express Fright services. 

Notably, the carriages that came from overseas nations can also be delivered on Saturday in the US. For that, the package must have a Saturday delivery label.


UPS only delivers specific packages on Sundays. Its Extra Critical Care Package delivery services only work on Sundays. However, to deliver a package through this service option you have to pay more fees than usual. Notably, Extra Critical service is available for both domestic as well as international parcels.


  1. What are the UPS working hours on Saturdays?

Answer: On Saturdays, UPS works in its regular working hours that are 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Its working hours are same except on Sunday when it works from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM. 

  1. Till what time does UPS deliver packages on Sundays?

Answer: On Sundays, UPS can deliver packages as late as 09:00 PM. According to the requirement, UPS can work even longer. Because, to deliver Extra Critical package, delivery matters more than time. Hence, UPS delivers even after normal business hours. 

Does ups deliver on sundays?

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