What channel is PBS on DIRECTV?

Let’s look at What channel is PBS on DIRECTV in this article. I am not from the United States, so I didn’t grow up with PBS. Nevertheless, I know about PBS. I have two very clear recollections about them. One, watching a Seinfeld episode, where Jerry needs to help PBS get money. And another one, because my mother bought a series of documentaries about religion. Produced by PBS. I think if I recall correctly, that one was about King David, another about Paul and Peter, another about Martin Luther, and the last one about the Muslims.  

Both events, although very diverse, are quite interesting. On the first one, the one with Jerry, you get to know PBS a little, because that’s actually something they do. And the second one, the one with documentaries, well, that’s just neat. I live all the way down México, and PBS culture made it all the way down there. And they were good. I learned and enjoyed them. Now, with all the streaming services, who owns a CD anymore? 

Anyway, PBS was created back in 1969. The year they landed on the moon as well. And today, according to Nielsen Media Research, about eighty percent of all American households watch a PBS program at least once, during the year. That’s pretty impressive. 

And they know how to make synergies as well. For example, they rebroadcast a lot of British shows, especially ones made by the BBC. Shows such as Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Mr. Bean, and Father Ted. 

PBS, which stands for Public Broadcasting Service, is an American public broadcaster and television distributor. That means that they grab shows, and show them again, but to the American public, hence, to a much bigger audience. They are publicly funded. But they are careful as to how they get the money from the outside, so there is no influence from the outside. Ergo, to remain public and free.  

As they state on their webpage: PBS is America’s largest classroom, the nation’s largest stage for the arts, and a trusted window to the world. In addition, PBS’s educational media helps prepare children for success in school and opens up the world to them in an age-appropriate way. 

Those are some pretty high standards, I’d say. 

PBS has 350 member stations around the United States. All countries should have their own PBS, not just first-world countries. Although it is kind of hard for that to happen. What channel is PBS on DIRECTV?

What channel is PBS on DIRECTV?

Where to watch it

Well, here it gets a little tricky. It will depend on where you live. So, in your DIRECTV, here is the table so you get all the information:

Los Angeles

channel 24/50/58

New Hampshire2/11/44
New Jersey13/21/50/49(HD)
New Mexico5/3(HD)
New York13/21/50/49(HD)
North Carolina30/42/58
North Dakota13
Rhode Island53(HD)/36(HD)
South Carolina7(HD)
South Dakota20/23(HD)
West Virginia25/33

So, there you go. Every state has a different PBS channel number for Directv. Now you can go enjoy your favorite TV shows whenever you want to.  


And why go to DIRECTV? Well, it is very simple. DIRECTV is a satellite broadcaster service that delivers high-quality programming to more than 18 million households in the United States. You can even watch HBO Max. It’s pretty neat. You can watch your favorite shows on PBS, and then, on another day, or the same day, watch your favorite shows on HBO. And boy channels have great TV shows. I mean, I don’t know where I would go, PBS or HBO. Alright, probably because I am not from the United States, I would go to HBO. But we are all different. All choices are right. 

Also, you can watch PBS on many other networks, such as Apple TV, Roku, and many more. So, PBS is not limited to DIRECTV, it’s more universal than that. 


Now, for us, it’s time to go. But before we remind you to check the listing above so you can check your favorite TV shows. There is a world outside of Seinfeld, for many the greatest TV show of all time. And that world is on PBS, for sure. And also, use DIRECTV, let’s not all go to Netflix. They have gained too much power and that is always dangerous. They can swallow the whole market if we let them. I even wonder why they haven’t collaborated with PBS yet. That would be wild. Can you imagine Netflix and PBS joining forces? That’s an idea for another story. 

What channel is PBS on DIRECTV?

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